Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm the Queen of Denial, or, Why Do My Jeans Have Holes Worn on the Inner Thighs?

So I've noticed recently that there is something wrong with my bra. It feels...weird. Like the underwires on the sides keep rubbing on my arms. I had one blow out not too long ago (no doubt to the ample voluptuousness of my girls), my favorite black lace bra with straps like a crane. So the weird bra in question is the utilitarian beige one, you know, the laundry-day brassierre. It feels different because I hardly ever wear it, right?


F*ck!!! It's not the underwires, it's my gigantic squishy arms!! They have nowhere left to expand!!! They've hit the wall! Crap!!! How did I get this fat? You'd think I'd notice something like that, sheesh, what with all the times I've been in Weight Watchers...(disclaimer: LOVE WW, it really works... If. You. Follow. It. Duh.) Yes, I have been a WW member on three different occasions in the last six years. Sigh. I know what to do. But at this time in my life? I honestly can't tolerate that much structure. It's exhausting. Life is complicated enough, I don't have the energy to think 24/7 about journaling, if I've had all my healthy oils, water, veggies, fruit, milk, good carbs, activity points, blah blah. It's a good system, but doesn't work for me, not right now.

So, What to do, what to do. No more Weight Watchers for me, I've gone rogue. Something clearly needs to be done, but I can't go back. We'll see, I guess I have to take the parts of WW that worked for me, and adapt them to the craziness that is Team Nugget. Sigh.

But I won't give up cheese. You can't make me.

Is there a cheese and wine diet out there? I could get behind that.


All for now,