Friday, May 22, 2009

One Strange Day...

Have to blog this because it's just been a weird day...

1. Gammy and Dapaw were at it again, tag-teaming injuries. (for those of you who are unaware, the first incident was a couple of years ago when dad had foot surgery, Mom was taking care of him, ended up breaking her shoulder, and he had to take care of her instead!) So Dad did this ill-advised maneuver on a loading dock, flipped backwards, mom catches him in mid-air, thereby preventing his head from crashing into the pavement, but in the meantime, he kicks her accidentally while in motion, now she possibly has a torn hamstring. Sigh. Other than that, everyone's OK. No broken bones.

2. Went to go pick up Hubby Nugget's vehicle at the dealership, it was being fixed and maintained in preparation for our trip, only they didn't have it done because there was another warranty part that was broken, need to replace it, here's your rental. Uhhh, is it OK if we drive the rental to Denver? Ummmm, no. As a joke, HN asked if they would give me a new hubcap to replace the stolen one in lue of the rental and they said "DONE!" I guess they really didn't want us to drive the renter over two states, in the mountains...

3. Traffic on way home from dealership was so slow due to several wrecks, so we dove into a Buffalo Wild Wings to wait it out and have early dinner. Also, we were hoping to re-establish our World Domination in the trivia game. So we were enjoying our tasty Guinness's and they start moving this table next to us to make for more seating. Except the burly guy picks the table up and attempts to lift it over our precious Little Nugget's noggin. Talk about maternal instincts kickin in!!! Before I knew it, I was screaming "AACCKK!" and placing my hands over her head like a useless hand helmet. In the process, I knocked over my tasty beverage! I was freaked out on adrenaline, let me tell you!!!! I guess the guy was afraid we might sue, so he bought us another round. So that was pretty nice. But we only finished second in the trivia game.

4. Little Nugget had SO MUCH FUN at the RESTAURANT (this is odd in itself). Not only did she eat a WHOLE CHICKEN TENDER, but when it was time to go, she didn't want to leave! Now this is usually the girl who wants to leave as soon as she's done eating. No. We were ready to leave before her. She REALLY liked the trivia keyboard thingy. Might have to get one for her for her birthday.

So there you have it.

Must be some weird planet alignment or something.

All for now,

Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Battles, New Headaches...

Ten minutes ago, Little Nugget decided that she wanted to play in her room with the door shut. When I showed her the error of her ways, I was greeted with an unceremonious tantrum.

What's up with that?! Of course Team Nugget collectively said "Uh, no, no and NO!"

Seriously. Am I being unrealistic when I assumed that type of behavior wouldn't darken our door until she was at least, I don't know, 10, 11, 12? You know, the dreaded "tween" years, the period in which we hope, as older parents, that we will have finally achieved a level of functional senility that will render us blissfully unaware of the shameful activities in which our daughter could possibly associate herself? (Disclaimer: Yes, we're being positive role models, trying our best to turn her into a science geek so that we won't have to worry about boys or other bad influences)

But still. Come on. She's TWO AND A HALF!!!!

We are so screwed.


Addition to post: Now she just put herself to bed...SHE'S GROWING UP TOO FAST!!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Caught Me Slackin!!!

Well, not really slackin, but at the very least I have been neglectful of the blog. I wanted to blog last Thursday, really I did, but the interwebs were not on my side. True story!

So anyway, Team Nugget has been quite active as of late, what with gardening, gardening oh and gardening. Hubby Nugget more than myself, since the Little Nugget has become somewhat needy and can't let me out of her sight. Since my gardening activities involve the front yard, I'm not too comfy having her up there with me, as she is fond of running right to the very edge of the yard, only millimeters from where the yard ends and the road begins, because she has to test the boundaries, of course. And I think she really enjoys seeing Mommy have a panic attack/hemorrhage each and every time she goes close to the street. She must, because the behavior never ceases to occur, despite my best efforts to the contrary.


Yes, the girl has been challenging as of late, just the usual toddler stuff, but ramped up a bit. It must be a growth spurt, at least that always seems to be the answer to everything. We'll go with that!

I tried to plant a little last week, but that was possible only with a Monkey attached to my leg, hanging off like a pendulum and calling for "Mommy snuggles!" It was pretty sweet, but as a result my rock garden is looking pretty shabby. So sorry neighbors, I'd rather hang out with the Babygirl than pull dandelions...

I need to run the weedeater, then I'll take pics of the garden for a fun comparison from last year when I started it from scratch!!! So more to come, I promise!

Plus, stay tuned for more on Little Nugget's first camping trip!!!

Gotta get back to work before the Man catches me goofin!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Achieving World Domination Through Advanced Parenting Skills

I warn you it's in poor taste...

So anyway, Little Nugget was just throwing yet another fit because I wouldn't let her throw things on the floor simply for her amusement. I am in a bit of an ornery mood today as I've been a total slacker due to my impending holiday, so instead of admonishing her in my usual (ineffective) way, I just looked right at her and ripped out an AWESOME burp. She really was taken aback by this unexpected turn in our relationship. I thought it was hilarious and to my surprise, she quit fussing as an added bonus. Unfortunately I cannot always burp on command, so therefore I declare Hubby Nugget as the new disciplinarian in the family. That's some punishment he can get behind!

Off to drink something carbonated...

Monday, May 4, 2009

And the Oscar Goes To...

Here's the Babygirl:

Scene: run run run down the sidewalk, get to the end, lay down, then look back to see if we're watching, then scream: OH NO I FALL DOWN BOO-BOO!

VERY dramatic.

The girl is full of beandip!

More later,