Friday, May 8, 2009

Achieving World Domination Through Advanced Parenting Skills

I warn you it's in poor taste...

So anyway, Little Nugget was just throwing yet another fit because I wouldn't let her throw things on the floor simply for her amusement. I am in a bit of an ornery mood today as I've been a total slacker due to my impending holiday, so instead of admonishing her in my usual (ineffective) way, I just looked right at her and ripped out an AWESOME burp. She really was taken aback by this unexpected turn in our relationship. I thought it was hilarious and to my surprise, she quit fussing as an added bonus. Unfortunately I cannot always burp on command, so therefore I declare Hubby Nugget as the new disciplinarian in the family. That's some punishment he can get behind!

Off to drink something carbonated...

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