Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Now We Know What That Face Means As Well...

So Little Nugget was just playing on her Sit n Spin.

She stops, gets up, calmly walks over to Mommy and puts her head on my lap. I'm thinking she's tired since it's bedtime, and that is generally the only time she gives freely of the snuggles.

So after a few seconds, she slowly looks up at me...then unleashes a most unholy tidal wave of vomit all over both of us, the floor, the couch, and quite possibly the neighbor's house as well.

Oh yeah, she did this yesterday too (see twitter entry to the right).

Good times!

Thankfully the washing machine is back from the repair shop,

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I have strange dreams. You have been warned.

So Me and Hubby Nugget are having dinner out with Matthew McConaughey. More like he was working the room, and sat down with us briefly. Then I stand up and say "Don't Mess With Texas!!!" and he laughs. Then I jump up and say "oh I have to twitter about this!!! Oh I wish I had one of those phones (with the fancy qwerty keyboard and an unlimited data plan) so that I could twitter right now!!!"

The end.

No, I'm not from Texas, I just like that saying.

Yes, I just started twittering, as you can see at the right side of the screen.

I didn't twitter today, as I thought the dream might suggest I have a problem.

But one of those phones would be cool...

All for now,

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Super-Size Me...not.

So when did all the furniture get big? Hubby Nugget and I have been shopping for a dresser and chest of drawers now for a month, and we still can't find anything that will fit into our space. Granted, this is not a huge house, but it's not tiny either.

What's up with that?

Don't they make furniture that is spare-bedroom-sized? Because I think that's what we need. We don't have a master suite. But we do have a king-sized bed, and even that doesn't affect our space crunch with the chest and dresser width.

I'm just sayin.

Of course it is difficult to really get a good grip on what's available in any given furniture store when you have a Tiny Monkeypie of Goodness who is: a) manically jumping on the furniture displays; b) throwing a fit because said behavior has been admonished; c) running obnoxiously around the store and trying to escape out the front door when other customers enter said establishment; d) screaming because she wants to go home/eat a cookie/throw herself randomly on the ground in a most dramatic fashion just for sport/do whatever she wants to do with no consideration of social standards of behavior.

My head hurts.

Remind me why I decided to remodel our bedrooms? Yes, I said bedrooms. Ours and the Little Nuggets, too. AND potty training.

You are free to mock me openly.

All for now as I must attend to my whiner, I mean, Sweet Babygirl.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Impending Doom...

Pray for us...we're going to start potty training tomorrow. Hubby Nugget just squashed another of my lame attempts to postpone it till next weekend. Alas, he is right.

I have nothing more to say about that.

OMG Hubby Nugget is pissing himself over Jimmy Page showing up on the Foo Fighters concert on VH1. Can you beat that!

I am going to watch the Foo and try to not think of Poo.

You can be sure that you will be kept updated about our progress or lack thereof.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Adventures of a Girl and her Froggy: a Photo Essay

Ever since the Little Nugget was conceived, I had dreams of what her special toy would be. Would it be the super-cute stuffed Monkey? She thought it was alright, but rarely looked at it. The adorable bears that both sets of grandparents have bought from time to time? Off and on, but mostly off. In her two plus years, I have bought numerous stuffed animals, probably because I have always loved them myself, but mostly in the hope of finding her snuggle-buddy, the one that she remember into adulthood.

One day we found Froggy on a clearance rack at Babies-R-Us, and since it was the color of her then bedroom, it seemed an easy choice, plus it was undeniably adorable. Of course like all the others, I gave her every opportunity to bond, but it didn't really stick either. Until one day...

She learned how to say "froggy." It was more like "fwoggy," and when asked what sound a froggy makes, she would say "arf!" Back then, everything said "arf!" "What's a bear say?" "ARF!" "What's a shark say?" "ARF!" She was a bit confused.

Now she and Froggy run around the house shouting "Ribbet, Ribbet!"

Finally a snuggle buddy! She carries him around, gives him hugs, pats his back...

Even gives him a bath! The other day she put him in her Magnet School and said "Froggy take a bath!" I asked her if he needed duckies, and she concurred!

Sweet dreams!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Just Some Randomness....

Fridays are usually my day off, but when you work part of your hours from home, that is not always the case. I try to get everything done on Monday, but that often drifts into Tuesday, etc. This week I thought I had it under control. Even got my work done by Wednesday. So when I went into work yesterday, I tied up loose ends before the beginning of the new semester which starts on Monday. Easy-peasy. Until I backed up the scans made by my assistant and found the folder of images that a professor needs for next week! Doh! I forgot about those! So I'm photoshopping and cataloguing 95 images of 18th century French paintings today instead of getting groceries. Let's just hope that the Little Nugget doesn't notice that she's out of "suh", or cereal.


Isn't that a fancy divider line? Just a little visual cue to let you know that the next thought is totally unrelated. As if a paragraph weren't enough.


So I've told (all of) you dear reader(s) about the struggles to style Little Nugget's hair. She looks like a little mop-head! I had hoped for her that she got her Daddy's hair, which is awesomely curly, unlike mine which is stick straight and stubborn. But she seems to have some freaky hybrid of both, mostly stick straight but with this weird curly patch in the back. Sorry Little Nugget! We tried!

Anyway, she has been very anti-styling, very anti-hair accessories. So her hair looks unkempt most of the time, even though we sneak a brush or comb through it when she's not looking. In a desperate attempt to prevent our child from looking like some street urchin, I purchased a package of small hair clips against my better judgement (TOTAL choking hazard). I didn't even bother to open them, and one day last week she comes carrying them in to me! She asked for the pink ones, of course, and wanted them in her hair. I was floored to say the least. As a matter of fact, I thought about posting about it, but thought she might just be ill and therefore it could simply be an anomaly. But no shit, she just brought it to me again a few minutes ago and asked for the red clips to be put in her hair, because of course they match the sparkly red Dorothy shoes she has on. How can a tomboy be such a girlie?!

All for now,


Monday, January 5, 2009

It's Day Three and Counting...

Why is the Sweet Babygirl not taking afternoon naps anymore? Why? WHY?!

I'm not saying that she has cut out a nap and that there still remains an ounce of peace at some other time of the day when she will doze off and give Mommy and Daddy a reasonable amount of "quiet" time. No. NO NAPS. ZERO!

This a new development that is not appreciated. We here at Team Nugget count on, dare I say NEED nap time to maintain sanity levels. Is it too much to ask?

She shows absolutely no signs of drowsiness. She is applauding a Mirena commercial at the moment. Yea!!! Beloved pharmaceutical commercials! She vexes me so.

If only she were more influenced by Jacksonian the Presidential Dog, who ran on the "pro-nap" platform during the campaign.

Yes we can!

All for now,

Friday, January 2, 2009

Holiday Festivities a l'Illinois

After Christmas, Team Nugget + Dapaw and Gammy took a road trip to the fine state of Illinois for holiday festivities with the family. Monkey got to play with her cousin M, who she hasn't seen since last year! They are only 2-1/2 months apart in age, so they had a grand time!

M got the coolest blocks from her aunt C, and she was very good at sharing! The girls had a blast rolling around in them!

Gammy and Monkey started playing a funny game on the way there: Gammy: "Tomato!" Monkey: "No, its appo!!!" Gammy: "It's a tomato silly goose!" Monkey: "no you goose!!!" Too cute! She's still slightly confused about tomatoes.

She slept in her sleeping bag without incident, like a big girl!

The girls shared an interest in all things Elmo!

Here they are busting a move with Mr. Noodle.

Little Nugget and M shared a sammie (pb sandwich) and grapes after they worked up their appetite.

Little Nugget got a kick out of the tinsel! Weee!

Little Miss "I never met a broccoli that I wouldn't eat" decided shortly before the trip that she would only eat juice and peanut butter sandwiches. And fry-fries. It was vexing but expected of a toddler.

Too cute! Little Nugget shared her cool vet hospital with cousin M--they played so well together!

Monkey also shared some of her "bad" behaviors with cousin M--like climbing!

Before dinner, the girls had their pinata...

And so did we!!! Here S massacres the donkey!!!

Mayhem ensued!!! The girls were escorted upstairs to protect them from the carnage--we were a bit animated!

Man, we may be getting to old to dive to the floor! Hubby Nugget's knee was a casualty of mad dash to collect the booty. But we scored big time with a Lowes gift card!!!! Sweet!!! My cousin S got pasties!!! He-he! I got a whoopee cushion!!! It's the most awesome pinata ever!

A super-sweet pic of cousin M--the girls had so much fun! Can't wait till next time!
All for now,

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Holiday Festivities a la Nugget

Christmas morning was much anticipated by Team Nugget, well at least by me and Hubby Nugget. Little Nugget still hasn't got the hang of the whole thing. So there was a little anti-climax, but it was not entirely unappreciated.

First off, Hubby Nugget was asked to work a double shift Christmas eve, hello, cha-ching! Even better, he was OK'd to do the second shift from home, but it was from 11 pm to 8 am. So not much sleep answering the sporadic phone calls from work. For either of us. So there's that. Then the Little Nugget lost her paccie around 5 am, and sleep deprived, we caved and brought her back to bed with us. So we were already off a bit.

The Monkey wakes up at 8 as usual, and starts her chirping. I was excited about her seeing what Santa brought, but she just asked for cereal and ran to her highchair, oblivious to the magnificent bounty of gifts. Well, Hubby Nugget was so tired he wanted to sleep in, thereby guaranteed to miss the unveiling of presents, but it didn't matter anyway, because the Monkey could really care less as she was shoveling bran flakes down her piehole at an unprecedented
rate. Hubby Nugget gave up the quest for zzzz's and rescued us both from crippling fatigue by whipping up a REALLY strong pot of coffee. Ahhhh. Coffee.

After the caffeine and bran flake frenzy, we were ready to tackle the task at hand, presents. Little Nugget was all nonchalant, like "oh, cool, I'll play with that." Not like that commercial for whatever luxury car where the kids are jumping up and down after opening their gifts. At least she's not that into material things. :-) Hope that doesn't change.

She totally dug this doodle-pro thing though:

She stopped for a moment to take advantage of a photo op on the reindeer:

A little later, Dapaw and Gammy came by, and we exchanged gifts:

She still wasn't into the opening part, but she liked the results. Here in sassy Strawberry Shortcake sunglasses:

A football--oh yes, she plans to be a kicker:

A super-cool bug magnifying glass:

The most awesome red shoes EVER:

All in all, we enjoyed our Christmas morning, even after the sputtery start! Later, we went over to L & R's for a super tasty dinner and had some more fun with the family! Can't beat that!