Thursday, January 1, 2009

Holiday Festivities a la Nugget

Christmas morning was much anticipated by Team Nugget, well at least by me and Hubby Nugget. Little Nugget still hasn't got the hang of the whole thing. So there was a little anti-climax, but it was not entirely unappreciated.

First off, Hubby Nugget was asked to work a double shift Christmas eve, hello, cha-ching! Even better, he was OK'd to do the second shift from home, but it was from 11 pm to 8 am. So not much sleep answering the sporadic phone calls from work. For either of us. So there's that. Then the Little Nugget lost her paccie around 5 am, and sleep deprived, we caved and brought her back to bed with us. So we were already off a bit.

The Monkey wakes up at 8 as usual, and starts her chirping. I was excited about her seeing what Santa brought, but she just asked for cereal and ran to her highchair, oblivious to the magnificent bounty of gifts. Well, Hubby Nugget was so tired he wanted to sleep in, thereby guaranteed to miss the unveiling of presents, but it didn't matter anyway, because the Monkey could really care less as she was shoveling bran flakes down her piehole at an unprecedented
rate. Hubby Nugget gave up the quest for zzzz's and rescued us both from crippling fatigue by whipping up a REALLY strong pot of coffee. Ahhhh. Coffee.

After the caffeine and bran flake frenzy, we were ready to tackle the task at hand, presents. Little Nugget was all nonchalant, like "oh, cool, I'll play with that." Not like that commercial for whatever luxury car where the kids are jumping up and down after opening their gifts. At least she's not that into material things. :-) Hope that doesn't change.

She totally dug this doodle-pro thing though:

She stopped for a moment to take advantage of a photo op on the reindeer:

A little later, Dapaw and Gammy came by, and we exchanged gifts:

She still wasn't into the opening part, but she liked the results. Here in sassy Strawberry Shortcake sunglasses:

A football--oh yes, she plans to be a kicker:

A super-cool bug magnifying glass:

The most awesome red shoes EVER:

All in all, we enjoyed our Christmas morning, even after the sputtery start! Later, we went over to L & R's for a super tasty dinner and had some more fun with the family! Can't beat that!

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