Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Holiday Festivities a la poire

Lots of photos to post in the next few days, so I'll get to the point! We went to Hubby Nugget's family shindig the Saturday before Christmas (huge family, and huge scheduling conflicts!) Fun was had by all!

C & D paused mid-snuggle for a photo op!

A rare photo of the elusive Nugget (me--usually the photographer, not the photographee) with my Little Nugget. She wasn't up to snuff that day, neither was I really. I think we were both a little off due to an ear ache that lingered from our afore-mentioned plague.

Uncle N holding the newest member of the family, B. She is such a sweet baby!

Partners in Crime: Little Nugget shares a meal with her cousin K. They look like they are plotting something.

S feeding her new granddaughter, the lovely baby B.

Monkey finally got her spunk on and rocked the cozy coupe all over the place. She pauses here to shout "Yea!!!" and throw her arms in the air like she just don't care.

Five, count them, FIVE generations captured in this pic!!!! Grandpa, GG, C, LN, and baby B!

Back home, the Little Nugget takes her new sit-n-spin for a test drive. She said "Ter-tal gofo ride!!!!" That roughly translates to "Turtle go for a ride!"

More to come!!!!

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