Friday, December 12, 2008

Victory is MINE!

So medicine time has been a craptastic shitfest. We seriously break out the booze after we give the Little Nugget her last dose of the day. Sheesh.

I have been a-feared to put the antibiotic in her food, because then she'd refuse to eat anything. Same thing with drink, remember the chocolate milk incident? But I had a light-bulb moment a few minutes ago, why not in her beloved strawberry yogurt? It tastes like her chalky cherry medicine crap, maybe she won't notice the difference. The awesome part is that she eats gallons of the stuff, so this could work out great.

So I waited for her signal, that being a request for "yert!", then I went to work. Kept the refrigerator door open so as to block her spying eyes, then mixed my alchemy. Did a quick taste--I didn't notice any difference--crossed my fingers and slid the bowl in front of her. Then I hid in the kitchen and peeked at her when she wasn't looking--didn't want to arouse suspicion.

She's got a bit on the front of her shirt, nothing unusual there, and certainly consumed more than when we try to shove the syringe in her mouth. She gobbled it down, so I'm calling it good. Bad thing is, we're out of yogurt!

We'll get some more. You can count on it.


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