Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Welcome Back to Work

It’s official. “The Man” is stepping down next year, and I will get another new boss. I’m sure the new “Man” will do just fine, I’m just worried about the management style. As far as the current Man goes, hands-off is the preferred method and that’s just fine by me. As long as I do what I’m supposed to do, he’s cool with it. How lucky can a girl get? I don’t think I’ll be so lucky next time.

I like the new Man, I respect the new Man. I think the new Man is very capable. But I think they are also capable of messing with my shit. Who knows how to do my job better than me?

Oh, the new Man can offer insight that would be valuable, and can make the elusive “big project” actually happen, but we know this will happen only after I have been bulldozed flat and the project no longer is recognizable as the bright shiny practical solution to all our departmental needs.


OK, I'll stop whining now...

Sunday, May 25, 2008


I know some people get up at 5:00am, but people, it ain't me! Little Nugget woke up around 4 due to a lost paccie and promptly fell asleep once I retrieved it. I wish I could say the same for me. I keep thinking about this blog, and the backlog of blogging material clogging my foggy little brain.

This is a good sign, the plague on the House of Nugget is lifting. By bedtime last night, everyone seemed to be feeling better, even though Little Nugget has taken on a new illness on the heals of the shopping cart virus. Using his mad internet skillz, hubby Nugget found roseola to be the cause of baby girl's sudden appearance of rashiness. She didn't let it keep her from working on her balancing act, walking back and forth over a floor pillow while simultaneously holding a bed pillow in each hand. What a sweet, speckled girl!

OK people, I'm going to try the sleep thing again, it's a holiday weekend for goodness sake!!!

All for now,

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Plague on the House of Nugget

Posts are lacking this week, I know...the shopping cart virus has struck down Team Nugget, and half of the House of M&D G. Woe is us...woe.

More later when I can sit upright for more than 45 seconds without feeling nausea...


I Heart Visual Resources!

I LOVE this time of year. Yes, birdies chirping, bunnies hopping, flowers blooming, that stuff's great too. No, this is the time of year when I fall in love with my job all over again. The semester is over, faculty and students are gone, and it's just me (and my trusty helpers, of course) and the projects that I have set out to accomplish during the quiet summer months. For me, it's all about new beginnings and chance to get things done for the upcoming school year.

What do I do, you ask? I am a VISUAL RESOURCES CURATOR!!! (HEART!) Peoples eyes usually glaze over when I tell them my profession, probably from regret that they hadn't made the same FABULOUS career choice. OK, before I vomit in my keyboard, here's my job in a nutshell: I manage an image collection that is used to teach art and art history classes.

It's AWESOME! Well, at least for me anyway. I believe this to be the only profession in the world that justifies, shall we say, my extensive educational "career". I get to play with art images, categorizing and cataloguing, databasing and scanning! Scan, Scan, Scan! Want me to digitize something? I'll do it! (Within fair use of copyright law, of course!) Translate foreign text from scholarly journals? Mais oui! Want me to make you a database? Oh, I will! My love of databases is so great that I have been know to make them on the fly for mundane things such as a packing list for vacations. I even made a database for my wedding!

OK, I'm admitting it now, I'm an ubergeek.

All for now,

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Medicine time not so pleasant...

Little Nugget has been struck down by some random virus she picked up while licking a shopping cart last week.

Medical opinion has been sought out, and meds have been made available. The problem is, Little Nugget isn't too keen on ingesting these foreign substances, and I can't say I blame her. Not too tasty. I had the bright idea that I would mix the medicine in chocolate milk. She loves chocolate milk, it's sure to work!!! Right?

Here's how it just went down: she refused the choco milk, and cried when I suggested she try again. So I moved the milk to a number of different cups--sippy, sippy with straw, cup with straw. Nothing worked, so I made some for me to show that it was good. She wanted MY choco milk, somehow figured mine didn't taste like medicine crap. Then she dumped her milk, medicine and all, on the floor and cried while she fingerpainted in it. So I hog-tied her and shoved the syringes down her throat. That seemed to work, although it was much more traumatic. But she has ingested her medicine for the day, and has been rewarded with a cookie.

Nothing says sorry mommy tortured you like a cream-filled wafer.

She doesn't seem harmed at all by the event. She's saying "arf!" now... what a sweet baby girl. :-)

All for now,

Friday, May 16, 2008

Dinner Conversation with the Little Nugget

"das at?"
"That's pizza."
"das at?"
"That's pizza."
"das peets?"
"That's right! That's pizza."
"das goot."

a few seconds later...
"das peetsa"

she's so cute!

All for now,

Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's Nugget time! (beahr-neahr-neahr-neahr) Break it down!

Hi!: OK, the inner dialog has gotten the better of me, and upon my husband's encouragement, I'm going to try to this blog-thing out. Lord knows I have such great track record keeping diaries and journals. We'll just see how this goes! I've been a regular reader of a few great blogs, so hopefully I can live up to those high standards. (I will show them love a little later when I get the hang of this here technology)

About Team Nugget: it's a select membership consisting of myself (Nugget), my husband (also Nugget), and our 18 month daughter (Little Nugget); canine mascots include Jacksoncup and Stinkbug (aka "The Bug"), and a saltwater aquarium currently filled with goo. We had fish, but Oscar the brittle starfish ate them, so now he lives somewhere else.

A love story for all ages: Married for 2-1/2 years--shameless newlyweds, we are. It's a classic tale, girl and boy meet on the internet, and it's a match made in heaven! Thank you Neil Patrick Warren!!! (We're still waiting to be put in a commercial)

Sweet Little Nugget of Goodness: As if marriage, moving and a new job wasn't enough excitement for one year, how about a baby!!! We got pregnant 3-1/2 months after the wedding, and had the Little Nugget in fall of 06. We got a good one. I'm sure she'll be a frequent source for blog material as she is full of bean dip. Someone told us the other day that she is ornery, like we didn't know. Oh, we know. We know.

All for now,