Sunday, May 18, 2008

Medicine time not so pleasant...

Little Nugget has been struck down by some random virus she picked up while licking a shopping cart last week.

Medical opinion has been sought out, and meds have been made available. The problem is, Little Nugget isn't too keen on ingesting these foreign substances, and I can't say I blame her. Not too tasty. I had the bright idea that I would mix the medicine in chocolate milk. She loves chocolate milk, it's sure to work!!! Right?

Here's how it just went down: she refused the choco milk, and cried when I suggested she try again. So I moved the milk to a number of different cups--sippy, sippy with straw, cup with straw. Nothing worked, so I made some for me to show that it was good. She wanted MY choco milk, somehow figured mine didn't taste like medicine crap. Then she dumped her milk, medicine and all, on the floor and cried while she fingerpainted in it. So I hog-tied her and shoved the syringes down her throat. That seemed to work, although it was much more traumatic. But she has ingested her medicine for the day, and has been rewarded with a cookie.

Nothing says sorry mommy tortured you like a cream-filled wafer.

She doesn't seem harmed at all by the event. She's saying "arf!" now... what a sweet baby girl. :-)

All for now,

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