Saturday, November 29, 2008

Festivities Galore!

So for the holidays, Team Nugget plus Gammy & Dapaw went north for Thanksgiving festivities with Papa, GG, and the rest of the P gang. Hijinks ensued, mostly from the little ones: While dining with cousin K, Little Nugget discovered that her new found liking of eggs did not translate well to a liking of deviled eggs:

After that she was done! She promptly got up from the table and snagged the coveted tricycle while her cousin K was still eating:

She was soon joined by her cousin L, who was tooling around on the tractor. Monkey was pretending to be a speedbump:

Hopped up on carbs, all the kids finally joined in running the raceway around the tables and Little Nugget continued her quest to be the best speedbump ever:

GG holds her sweet 3-week old great-granddaughter, B. She is such a good baby! New parents T & N are so proud of their babygirl!!!

Hubby Nugget demonstrates why he is the best uncle/daddy in the world by showing the kids his mad skillz on the razor scooter. Also in this picture you can kind of get a better idea of what Papa and GG's house will look like when its finished. That's the kitchen/living room area that we dined in. It has a giant window at that end that overlooks the Missouri river--just beautiful!

More horsing around with cousin K!

After dark, we drove to the local Christmas light display in the park. Little Nugget was more receptive this time, much better than last year when she just fell asleep! It was pretty backed up, and traffic was moving like a drunk slug. The best part: When you get to the end, they give you a Cherry Mash Mini-Mash:

All for now,

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Silly Monkey

Behold the beandip-idness that is our Sweet Babygirl:

"Driving" Dapaw's lawn tractor like a crazy maniac!

Accessorizing her jammies in a way that was a little unexpected but very fashion forward! Reminds me of an Old Navy commercial.

The other day she insisted that she put on her swimmies over her clothes. We're not sure if she's going to design haute couture when she grows up or just be a social misfit. I think middle and high school will determine that.

Bedhead at its best! That's good stuff!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Not again...

yep. Not feeling the post tonight.

Tomorrow, promise! Pics!

Worth the wait!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

By the Darkness of Night...

Due to some giant cosmic joke, Little Nugget is delivering to her Mommy the same behaviors that I myself delivered to my Mom, who prophetically uttered the words "I hope you have a daughter like you! He-he!!!" She has since taken it back. :-)

The behavior in question is "don't touch my hair!!!" From the age of 4 or 5, I forbade anyone to brush my hair, which I'm sure looked great once it was filled with wads of gum.

Enter the Little Nugget, who apparently got this fabulous gene from me. Not only doesn't she want her hair brushed (she will do it herself, thank you very much!), but she suddenly develops 6 more arms and goes all octopus on you when you try to trim her hair. Luckily it hasn't been too much of an issue, her hair grows so slow. But lately the girl has been looking a little Emo with the bangs hanging over her eyes.

So a plan was put in place to catch her off guard, when she's mesmerized by one of her pharmaceutical or iphone commercials. She was too quick for us! Plan B was implemented, which involved waiting until she was eating, then sneak up behind her. Oh she wasn't falling for that! Plan C: When she gets sleepy, maybe we could we lay her down then do a quick snip snip? Foiled by our stomach sleeper! Immediately rolled over every time! Two weeks went by, and still her hair was in her eyes.

By last weekend, I was in the habit of carrying those dang scissors with me everywhere I went, optimistic that I just might find that right moment. The time finally came, people!!! She fell asleep in the carseat on the way home from Papa & GG's Saturday night. Hubby Nugget didn't even have the car in the driveway before I was ripping off my seatbelt and jumping out the door to get in the backseat! The interior light came on, I grabbed some hair, and snip-snip!!! It was done just as she opened her eyes!!! It looks awesome, but hey, at least she won't be going blind or wearing all black anytime soon!

Stealthy McHairstylists are now taking appointments...

Monday, November 24, 2008

A Nice Fall Day in Nuggetland

It was a beautiful, sunny day at Chez Nugget yesterday, so Hubby Nugget and the Little Nugget took the opportunity to do a little yard work and pose for pictures:

It was a wonderful distraction from the humiliating performance of our Chiefs. Seriously, how cute is this!:

Just melts your heart! What a Sweet Babygirl!!!

At the end of the day, we made a bonfire and roasted marshmallows.

Good Times!


Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Public Service Announcement from Team Nugget

So have you ever had one of these bad boys? Cherry Mash is made right here in Missouri, and if you haven't tried one, check out their website (click above link)!

My personal favorite is the mini-mash, but the full-size mash is double-dipped with chocolate.

:-) You're welcome! :-)


Saturday, November 22, 2008

What a Strange Child...

Little Nugget likes to eat lemons...including the rind.


Friday, November 21, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

Little Nugget and I set out this morning to purchase Mommy a coat, come Hell or high water. Once inside the store (the TJ Maxx of goodness) she starts up with the whining, and I begin having horrible flashbacks. Nuh-uh, not this time, Missy. Mommy froze her ass off yesterday! We're gettin a coat!!!

I plied her with books (No want!), bagels (No want!), pacifiers, elmo, then finally found equilibrium with a bag of megablocks from the kids department.

She was doing SO well, then we headed to the dressing room to try on, and the kind lady gently informed me that we couldn't take in the toys. No problem for me, but put in your earplugs is all I have to say to that. Her eyes got wide as Monkey let out a yell in protest. Told you!

So after try-ons, Little Nugget once again had her Megablock comforter and we headed to the cash register to complete the transaction--got my sought-after cardigan AND a coat, ON SALE! Go TJ, Go TJ, Go TJ!!! TJ Maxx rocks.

So Babygirl was SUCH a good girl for not having a supermassive meltdown, I let her in on our next destination, Satan's House of Free Sugar Cookies, where we would score a fistful of cookies for my sweet angelpie of goodness. She enters said establishment happily chirping "kiki!" when we round the corner and saddle up to the bakery. Except one small detail, THEY HAD NO COOKIES!!! Oh my Lord, how am I going to get groceries without shoving a continuous stream of cookies down Little Nugget's piehole?

Instead, they had mini-donuts. Which, hey, I totally dig, but my daughter doesn't find them to her liking. Mommy likes donuts like a meth-head likes speed, so I can only guess that she gets this disdain of donuts from her Daddy, or they switched my kid at the hospital after birth. Seriously. Who doesn't like donuts?! My daughter, that's who.

Like a little trooper, she hung in there, and was SUCH a good girl, sans cookies. No whining. No shouting "Go Bye-Bye?!" So we went to the shoe department and tried on shoes. Monkey is a shoe horse. She was in heaven!

He-he, now THAT's my girl!!!


Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's Only the 20th, and I'm Already Reduced to Posting Lists

And I'm sure they'll be of interest to everyone!!! You know how Oprah has her "Favorite Things?" Well this is something like that, but slightly more low key. You won't find a car under your seat, just so you know. It's kind of a random list, too. So here we go.

Nugget Seal of Approval:
  • Super-cheap gas, even if it's only for a short while: There is an intersection along my commute route that must be having some kind of price war, because these 3 gas stations are seriously going at it. They are about 15-25 cents cheaper than anyone else in the metropolitan area. I just filled up on the way home, and hold on to your mittens, it was only $1.41/gallon. Is that crazy or what? It's almost like getting a raise!
  • Speaking of cheap, which I am, if you have a consignment store in your area, I highly recommend checking it out. Not all are great, but when you find a good one, it's like you hit the lottery. Last Saturday, I got a like-new cashmere sweater, wool cardigan, blazer, and two yummy leather bags for $45. You can't beat that. No Sarah Palin jokes allowed. And who wants to pay full price for work clothes?! Not Team Nugget. That's not how we roll.
  • And while we're talking about clothes, how about those Merona brand tights, available at Target?! I usually don't like how Merona clothing fits, but hey, who would have guessed they have awesome tights? So there you go. Oh yeah, I'm kinda picky about tights, that's why this is a big deal to me, and why I thought worth mentioning.
  • Special K protein bars. LOVE them. Ten grams of protein. Seriously. And Yummy! I get the Chocolatey Chip ones. Keep one in my bag just in case I get hungry, need a snack or want a chocolate bar. And for those WW folks out there, only 3 points. I know, I had you at Chocolatey.
  • I seriously love my new Logitech ergonomic wireless mouse. It has a special high-speed wheel that allows you to scroll up or down your document at the speed of light!!! Especially useful if you are working on, say a spreadsheet that has about 3500 records and is LONG and SLOW to scroll through. Like molasses. With the new mouse, I can flick it with my fingernail and watch the entries FLY by, back and forth...I amused myself this way at work today. Good times.
OK, that's today's list, I'm sure it won't be the last.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sleepy Time!

Just got home a few minutes ago...guess what I'm thinking about (yah-ta-da-dah!!!!--that's supposed to be an Elmo sound effect). Cozy jammies--ahhh!



P.S. I promise I'll write a proper post tomorrow. Pinky swear.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Totally Hypothetical Scenario...

So imagine somebody works in this big department, where everyone has clearly defined roles. Yet one person always seems to think they know how to do someone else's job better and frequently offers uninformed criticism to that effect.

I guess that would make that person a real pesticle, right?

I'm so glad I don't know anybody like that!!!


Monday, November 17, 2008

He's a Little Pigpen of Goodness...

OK, so I was a little harsh in my assessment of yesterday's game. Actually, our new quarterback Tyler Thigpen did pretty good. We might have a shot next year!

:-) Hope springs eternal in Chiefs Nation :-)

All for now,

Sunday, November 16, 2008



The Chiefs Suck.


At least we had fun at the game, chattin with brother and sister-in-law G&N.

We had two extra seats that we couldn't give away to friends or family (a big sign). We sold them to a scalper in the parking lot for 15 bucks. Face value: $120. Priceless. At least it bought us 2 drinks at the game in which to drown our sorrows. Sheesh. And guess what: the Scalper couldn't even resell our tickets!!!! The seats were empty.


All I can say is we'd better get a good draft pick out of this!

All for now,

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Layman's Guide to Supersweet Nuggetspeak

For those of you who have had the occasion to interact with our Little Nugget, only to look up at us in confusion and bewilderment, I present a guide to the vocabulary that is the Babygirl's:

  • YERT: Little Nugget's favorite food of the moment, yogurt. She eats it about 2-3 times a day sometimes. The girl loves her yert.
  • NIMINIMS: M&M's. A chip off her mommy.
  • PUCKLE: Pickle. Besides "coli" (broccoli), her favorite vegetable, hands down.
  • SIPPY SUHPIDE: Her sippy spider cup, which in a desperate attempt to keep her from spilling juice and milk, I had a moment of weakness and reverted to the sippy, purchased on Target Halloween clearance (for 29 cents, sah-weet!).
  • BUNNIE: Banana. It took us awhile to figure this one out. Then she said it at the store, and it was like an "oh, duh" moment. We're kinda slow that way.
  • POTS: Pasta. We like to think she's saying pates (imagine an accent above the a), being the geeky francophiles that we are. (pates in french is "pasta").
  • KIKI: Cookie. Seriously, it will be a sad day when she starts pronouncing that one correctly. How cute can you get?!


  • Monkey Go: Any of the adventures of Curious George. She hands me the book and says "Monkey go." Indeed! How can you argue with that?! She sums up the character and plot wisely.
  • I See: Her summation of Dr. Seuss's epic work, The Eye Book.


  • TER-TAL: Turtle. We love to make her say this one. She does it with perfect enunciation.
  • WINK: That's what a piggy says. And she does it in the most awesome Exorcist voice you've ever witnessed! Good stuff.
  • BUHGG: This is, of course, our delightful canine mascot, Stinkbug. She loves the little bastard.
  • YAK: Jacksonian the Presidential Dog. Such a good boy.
  • TOPIE: Sophie, honorary Team Nugget canine mascot, and my sweet Babydog. Monkey loves Topie. Yeah, we call her Topie too. There, I said it. Are you happy?


  • KIRKLE: Circle. That has to be the cutest speech impediment ever!!!
  • BEE-BEES: This, dear friends, means Mommy's boobies. She's enamoured of them. As is Daddy. :-) For different reasons, obviously.
  • KIKI MUSSER: Cookie Monster. Second only to Elmo as her favorite Sesame Street character. And of course she says it in her best Exorcist voice.
  • PIE: Her name for her pacifier. She's now restricted to only sleepytime paccie use, but now that she's named it like a pet, she's become more attached. Oh yeah, she calls it "Pie" because she sticks it in her "piehole". For the record, Team Nugget has always referred to said pacifier as "paccie". Her term, not ours. When she sees it she lovingly exclaims, "Dat's Pie!!!!"


  • "COME ON!": An expression of impatience that she learned from Mommy, which she happily chirps while she's playing with her cars.
  • "COME ON DUN!": An expression of joy that she learned from watching The Price is Right. Usually followed by screaming and jumping up and down.
  • "I KIME": Means "I Climb." Seriously, we don't call her Monkey for nothing. The girl's a climber.
  • "NO, OK.": This means no. We have always asked her No? Then after her answer, followed up with a confirmation, OK. We believe the genesis of this phrase comes from the period when we played the exciting game of Little Nugget's creation, "Guess What I Want to Eat!!!!" "Do you want chicken tenders? No? OK." Do you want shrimp? No? OK." Team Nugget is thankful that the Little Nugget can now (mostly) express her culinary wishes.

Let this be your guide...


Friday, November 14, 2008


Hubby Nugget participated in his Department's annual chili cook-off, and took 3rd place with his masterpiece of culinary delights, "Alternative Fuel Source" chili. Let me tell you folks, it was AWESOME! I know I'm slightly biased, but my chili-makin' Nugget outdid himself this time!

Yet again, Team Nugget is one step closer to World Domination.

Watch out!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


So this guy on the news just warned of impending economic doom, the likes of which we haven't seen since the Great Depression. I hear this a lot lately, but what does this mean?

I know prices have gone up (well gas is exceptionally low, albeit temporarily--I just about pissed myself with excitement when I filled up for 16 bucks this week). But what are the signs of Armageddon that we're supposed to look for?

Team Nugget is pretty frugal to begin with, so is the next step saving used aluminum foil and growing our own chickens in the backyard? I haven't bought new clothes for two years. Should I forget about picking up a new sweater for this winter and get a sewing machine instead?

Seriously, I have no problem shopping at Goodwill, but I just want to know what we're talking about here. Mass hysteria? The Real Deal? Anyone?

What would Lou "Mud" Dobber do?


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Blah, Blah, Blah...

I know that it is NaBloPoMo time, and I've been really good at keeping up my end of the deal by posting everyday, but seriously people, I've got nothing for you today. I looked at my little pad of stickie notes, where I jot down post ideas, and pretty much said "eh, not so much today." Not feeling it. Just one of those days. Busy. Tired. Lacking the muse. Dreading the suckfest that is work tomorrow. OK, maybe it's not a suckfest, that's a little harsh. Just tedious and repetitive. Which I actually like, but not when I'm tired. So I'm off to bed, and hopefully I'll get some useful sleep so that I'm refreshed and creative tomorrow.

Until then,

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Before and After...

Our living room before the Little Nugget wakes up:

And soon after it looks like this:

When I asked her to help pick up her toys, she handed me four crayons, then went into the kitchen and asked for a snack. Sigh. We're still working on that. I have to say, she's much more interested in cleaning than before. But it usually involves rubbing things around the living room with her hairbrush or a bath scrubby:

It's a start...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Monkey Hear, Monkey Do...

Said Little Nugget while she was playing with her FP Little People car: "Come on!"

Apparently I need to be a little more patient with people who are slow to make their turns.

But she was right, that Tonka truck was taking it's sweet time.

All for now,

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Things We Love about our New Neighborhood

After living in our new community for a year, here are some things that make us warm and fuzzy about our new home:
  • There are no people driving lawnmowers down the street because their license has been revoked due to a DWI charge
  • We don't have 10 bars within walking distance, nor do we have 3 within earshot from the house
  • You have to get into a car and actually drive to see the closest auto repair shop or title loan establishment
  • There are no drunk couples fighting in the street at 2:00AM
  • We have no neighbors suspiciously named "Bub" (seriously, our neighbor's name was "Bub")
  • Thankfully no pan-handlers come to the front door
  • We no longer find empty brown-paper-wrapped 40 ouncers in our yard
  • There is no aluminum can collecting/dumpster diving across the street
  • The meat/leather processing smells are now just a bad memory
  • The school district actually thinks a science and math curriculum is a good thing
  • The neighborhood kids won't turn our Little Nugget into a thug

There's no place like home!!!


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tricky Treats

Halloween is a massive affair at Chez Nugget. It is a week-long celebration. First off, we have the Little Nugget's birthday party (held the weekend before her bday, so far), which given to the proximity to Hallow's Eve, is generally spooky-themed, as mentioned earlier. Costumes are involved. Then there's the birthday itself, which is a bit more subdued. Then there's Halloween. We live midway between our families, so that means we travel north and south for multiple trick-or-treatings.

We have streamlined a bit, and split the north and south into two days. So our first outing was last Thursday, the day before Halloween. We went to see Great-Grandpa & M, which was a bit dicey as Little Nugget is not too used to seeing them, and Grandpa has a deep voice which always freaks her out. She did pretty good at first, sort of showed off her fairy costume:

But things went downhill very quickly:

So we had to cut short our visit, and went to see Papa & G.G. She was cool with that, but preferred not to wear her costume (No want).

Little Nugget was in better spirits Halloween day, and before fairy-ing up and heading out, she took some time to show the extent to which she is full of beandip:

She also thought that Elmo needed to wear Mommy's shades, and he looked pretty sharp:

It was a good call. Saddled up, we headed over to Neighbor B's house to say hi!

Such a big girl!!! Once inside, Little Nugget made herself at home on the couch and settled in to watch a movie and check out the various knick-knacks.

Monkey scored big at Neighbor B's house, peanut butter cups and Winnie-the-Pooh dvds that her grand-daughter had outgrown: sweet!!!

Then we headed south to Dapaw and Gammy's where Little Nugget went trick-or-treating with my sweet Babydog, Sophie Louise. Sophie had the Halloween spirit as well, and was dressed as Wonder Woman for the occasion. Below, she pauses to give the Sweet Babygirl a kiss!

Back in the dark days before Team Nugget coalesced, I had resigned that I would probably never meet Mr. Right Nugget and had accepted my life as a fur-mommy. You never know what life has in store for you, and even though I became a mommy for real, Topie is still my Babydog!

Together, they got more chocolate, some fruit chews, and dog biscuits--yum!!!

That's good stuff!


Friday, November 7, 2008

Mission Impossible

Operation Grocery Shopping has just been aborted, and my sniffling toddler has just been put down for an EARLY nap.

Why, you ask? Because Mommy had the bright idea to go use her $10 gift card at Kohls this morning. I naively thought I would buy clothing for myself. It's been so long since I've done that with the Monkey that I forgot why I just pick up t-shirts at Walmart or Target instead.

The Little Nugget HATES clothes shopping: she HATES the clothing department and she HATES when Mommy tries on, oh how she hates when Mommy tries on.

She started in as soon as we got there: she's a smart girl and recognized right away this was not Satan's House of Free Sugar Cookies (walmart). Usually when faced with that situation, she starts chirping "ki-ki!!! ki-ki!!!" (cookie). No, this time it was "Go Bye-Bye!" "Go Bye-Bye!"

Not a good sign.

Not one to be bossed by my child, I came equipped with an arsenal of distractions, from elmo, books, doodlepro, electronics, snacks, all to make the experience a bit more pleasant for her and to give me a bit more time to shop.

So nothing was working out clothing-wise (I wanted to stay in the $10 range of course), so we headed to the kids department, and faced with the fact that we weren't leaving yet, someone lost her shit. Didn't care what we looked at, what toys I stuck in her face, what clothing I let her de-shelve (I was desperate at this point). She came unhinged. Somewhere on the dash to the cash register, she lost her pacifier, and this pissed her off to infinity. I wasn't about to go back and look for it.

So I wheel my howling child up to the cashier and there's a line. I almost thought I should abandon ship and get her out of dodge for the sanity of the other shoppers. But hey, I had to use the gift card, it was going to expire, and I don't get to Kohls very often. So we stood in line. Screaming and snotting. It was a sight, I'm sure. Once it was clear to everyone that I had no intention of leaving without purchasing Little Nugget's Elmo book and red leggings, an additional check-out lane was opened just for our convenience. How awesome is that?!

So the Monkey continued her protest out the door, in the car, down the street, in the house and FINALLY chilled out when I scooped her up to snuggle. She fell asleep in my arms and I put her down for a nap, 2 hours early, I might add.

So that's how our morning's been, good times! And we still have no milk.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Time Keeps on Slippin' into the Future...

OK, so I've never been tremendously bothered by my age. I'm 41. Aside from the fact that my joints ache and my knees sound like crunching celery when I walk up stairs, the Nugget chassis is hangin in there pretty well. So I've never really thought of myself as being middle-aged. But recently I've been assaulted with little tidbits of reality that shock the system and remind me that I'm not 31 (which is a more accurate representation of how old I feel).

The first one was an episode of SNL where the Beastie Boys performed (this was several months ago), and I was surprised to see that they were no longer frozen in time at the age of 24, but they were sporting a little salt-n-peppa:

Very dapper, wouldn't you say? I'm not complaining, but it was startling.

So I'm listening to the radio last week, and the local dude is interviewing Henry Rollins (former front man for Black Flag). HR casually mentions he's 47! Wait, how did this happen? OK, I know I'm 41, but how is HR 47!!!

Out of curiosity, I looked up Siouxsie Sioux on Google images, and she looks fabulous, at least in this pic:

I don't know if she's had any work done, but she's 51. Did you catch that? SIOUXSIE SIOUX IS 51 YEARS OLD!!! God, how old does that make Robert Smith (the Cure)? Let me look it up in another tab: oh my Lord, he's 49:

Ok, he seriously needs to get a new look. Even I gave up wearing all black, and I never looked back.

I digress.

I had a point here, and it's not "oh woe is me, I'm old." It's more like, "wow, time sure flies, better get to those things I always meant to do but never made time for." I'm not talking bucket list here, I'm just saying I better get busy! I've got lots of stuff to do!!! Time's a wastin!

That's all for now,


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Birthday Girl!!!

So the reason I have been such a slacker about posting lately is that we have been busy! You see, we had a party to prepare for, the celebration of our Little Nugget's 2nd birthday! I know we've only done two of these things, but seriously folks, we outdid ourselves this year. Remember the post awhile back where I discussed all the sweet playground stuff we got at deep discount prices? Well, my sweet, sweet, sweet Nugget finished building Nuggetworld, which we unveiled at Monkey's B-Day par-tay! The details are hard to see in a tiny pic, so feel free to click and super-size them!

He even made the flags that top the deck platform! How awesome is that!?

Here is the evil Elmo cake that I mentioned earlier. Little Nugget is crazy about Elmo, but who isn't! Since she was born so close to Halloween (she actually came home from the hospital on Halloween), her birthday parties have been Spooky-themed. But I couldn't resist Elmo. Much cuter than a Ghostie cake.

Friends and cousins joined Little Nugget in breaking in her new play area. It was a hit with the kids! Below she is swinging like a big girl with cousins A&M:

Cousin A hung from the monkey bars like a bat!!! She and M had on awesome costumes!

Originally the theme for the party was pumpkin decorating, but the pumpkins we planted died! So instead, the kids decorated pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies. I think they enjoyed it.

Gammy G helped the Little Nugget with her cookie, although she was more interested in eating the sprinkles.

We picked up some dry ice to make a spooky atmosphere. My gnome is looking especially frightening. His name is Gerome, but Monkey calls him Steve. I don't know why.

The spoonfuls of frosting were popular with the kiddies as evidenced by cousin G!

After we got the kids hopped up on sugar, we grilled hot dogs and brats. Nutrition at its best!!! Below, Babygirl shares a meal with friend K, and cousin K.

Man, we can throw a mean shindig for two year olds!!! Par-tay!
All for now,

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I don't care who you vote for, just vote. (well, I mean be informed as well, not just randomly go in there and vote for any fool that strikes your fancy)

I am the Nugget, and I approve this message.

Monday, November 3, 2008

They might be giants...

but not so much this season. No, instead they are our lovable, dysfunctional foosball team, the Chiefs. It is a difficult thing being a Chiefs fan. It requires equal parts optimism and denial. Well, maybe more denial. But we swear, one of these days, we will be contenders again. Yes, it's a rebuilding year.

So Team Nugget went to the game yesterday, as we are apt to do, and while the players showed up for a couple of quarters, we sadly could not attain the victory we were so desperately seeking.

At least is wasn't a blowout. Because that would just be embarrassing.

So I present to you some lovely photos from a happier time, a game earlier in the season in which we battered the Broncos. Behold.

It was a nice sunny day, and being the giant dumbass that I am, I forgot the sunscreen. So by the end of the game, me and my nugget were cooked like lobsters. They were truly wicked sunburns. We went with two other couples, M&J and G&N, and wouldn't you know that NONE of us brought sunscreen. Team Nugget is a bit pastier than other Teams, so grabbing skin protection really should have been higher up on our to-do list. Oh well.

The breakfast of champions. Oh yeah, the green goo in the pouch is actually guacamole. It's much more appetizing than its packaging suggests.

M&J fired up the grill for burgers--yum!!!

We also forgot to bring the bottle opener as we were drinking fancy beer that day, so Hubby Nugget improvised with a pair of tongs!!!

Newlyweds G&N paused to say "cheese!" He-he!

Such a sweet picture of M&J!!!

A sea of red--our stadium is supposed to be the loudest in the league. I haven't been to other stadiums, but I'd have to agree that it's quite a sound when everyone gets fired up.
Go Chiefs!!!!!