Friday, November 21, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

Little Nugget and I set out this morning to purchase Mommy a coat, come Hell or high water. Once inside the store (the TJ Maxx of goodness) she starts up with the whining, and I begin having horrible flashbacks. Nuh-uh, not this time, Missy. Mommy froze her ass off yesterday! We're gettin a coat!!!

I plied her with books (No want!), bagels (No want!), pacifiers, elmo, then finally found equilibrium with a bag of megablocks from the kids department.

She was doing SO well, then we headed to the dressing room to try on, and the kind lady gently informed me that we couldn't take in the toys. No problem for me, but put in your earplugs is all I have to say to that. Her eyes got wide as Monkey let out a yell in protest. Told you!

So after try-ons, Little Nugget once again had her Megablock comforter and we headed to the cash register to complete the transaction--got my sought-after cardigan AND a coat, ON SALE! Go TJ, Go TJ, Go TJ!!! TJ Maxx rocks.

So Babygirl was SUCH a good girl for not having a supermassive meltdown, I let her in on our next destination, Satan's House of Free Sugar Cookies, where we would score a fistful of cookies for my sweet angelpie of goodness. She enters said establishment happily chirping "kiki!" when we round the corner and saddle up to the bakery. Except one small detail, THEY HAD NO COOKIES!!! Oh my Lord, how am I going to get groceries without shoving a continuous stream of cookies down Little Nugget's piehole?

Instead, they had mini-donuts. Which, hey, I totally dig, but my daughter doesn't find them to her liking. Mommy likes donuts like a meth-head likes speed, so I can only guess that she gets this disdain of donuts from her Daddy, or they switched my kid at the hospital after birth. Seriously. Who doesn't like donuts?! My daughter, that's who.

Like a little trooper, she hung in there, and was SUCH a good girl, sans cookies. No whining. No shouting "Go Bye-Bye?!" So we went to the shoe department and tried on shoes. Monkey is a shoe horse. She was in heaven!

He-he, now THAT's my girl!!!


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