Tuesday, November 25, 2008

By the Darkness of Night...

Due to some giant cosmic joke, Little Nugget is delivering to her Mommy the same behaviors that I myself delivered to my Mom, who prophetically uttered the words "I hope you have a daughter like you! He-he!!!" She has since taken it back. :-)

The behavior in question is "don't touch my hair!!!" From the age of 4 or 5, I forbade anyone to brush my hair, which I'm sure looked great once it was filled with wads of gum.

Enter the Little Nugget, who apparently got this fabulous gene from me. Not only doesn't she want her hair brushed (she will do it herself, thank you very much!), but she suddenly develops 6 more arms and goes all octopus on you when you try to trim her hair. Luckily it hasn't been too much of an issue, her hair grows so slow. But lately the girl has been looking a little Emo with the bangs hanging over her eyes.

So a plan was put in place to catch her off guard, when she's mesmerized by one of her pharmaceutical or iphone commercials. She was too quick for us! Plan B was implemented, which involved waiting until she was eating, then sneak up behind her. Oh she wasn't falling for that! Plan C: When she gets sleepy, maybe we could we lay her down then do a quick snip snip? Foiled by our stomach sleeper! Immediately rolled over every time! Two weeks went by, and still her hair was in her eyes.

By last weekend, I was in the habit of carrying those dang scissors with me everywhere I went, optimistic that I just might find that right moment. The time finally came, people!!! She fell asleep in the carseat on the way home from Papa & GG's Saturday night. Hubby Nugget didn't even have the car in the driveway before I was ripping off my seatbelt and jumping out the door to get in the backseat! The interior light came on, I grabbed some hair, and snip-snip!!! It was done just as she opened her eyes!!! It looks awesome, but hey, at least she won't be going blind or wearing all black anytime soon!

Stealthy McHairstylists are now taking appointments...

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