Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tricky Treats

Halloween is a massive affair at Chez Nugget. It is a week-long celebration. First off, we have the Little Nugget's birthday party (held the weekend before her bday, so far), which given to the proximity to Hallow's Eve, is generally spooky-themed, as mentioned earlier. Costumes are involved. Then there's the birthday itself, which is a bit more subdued. Then there's Halloween. We live midway between our families, so that means we travel north and south for multiple trick-or-treatings.

We have streamlined a bit, and split the north and south into two days. So our first outing was last Thursday, the day before Halloween. We went to see Great-Grandpa & M, which was a bit dicey as Little Nugget is not too used to seeing them, and Grandpa has a deep voice which always freaks her out. She did pretty good at first, sort of showed off her fairy costume:

But things went downhill very quickly:

So we had to cut short our visit, and went to see Papa & G.G. She was cool with that, but preferred not to wear her costume (No want).

Little Nugget was in better spirits Halloween day, and before fairy-ing up and heading out, she took some time to show the extent to which she is full of beandip:

She also thought that Elmo needed to wear Mommy's shades, and he looked pretty sharp:

It was a good call. Saddled up, we headed over to Neighbor B's house to say hi!

Such a big girl!!! Once inside, Little Nugget made herself at home on the couch and settled in to watch a movie and check out the various knick-knacks.

Monkey scored big at Neighbor B's house, peanut butter cups and Winnie-the-Pooh dvds that her grand-daughter had outgrown: sweet!!!

Then we headed south to Dapaw and Gammy's where Little Nugget went trick-or-treating with my sweet Babydog, Sophie Louise. Sophie had the Halloween spirit as well, and was dressed as Wonder Woman for the occasion. Below, she pauses to give the Sweet Babygirl a kiss!

Back in the dark days before Team Nugget coalesced, I had resigned that I would probably never meet Mr. Right Nugget and had accepted my life as a fur-mommy. You never know what life has in store for you, and even though I became a mommy for real, Topie is still my Babydog!

Together, they got more chocolate, some fruit chews, and dog biscuits--yum!!!

That's good stuff!


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