Monday, March 23, 2009

The Intermitent Occurance of Springtime OCD...

I've spent the whole day fervently cleaning the house. It's a strange thing...I generally don't' prioritize cleaning at the top of my list of important life tasks...that's not to say that I don't enjoy a clean home, I do. But hanging out with my Nuggets is just more my idea of a good time, and given the choice of dusting or snuggling with Hubby Nugget, well, it's no contest. I'd say our strategy is one of spot cleaning. It gives us the quality of life that we seek and yet still maintains a mostly socially acceptable level of cleanliness.

Sometimes, though, that hibernating OCD genes kicks into high gear without warning. Today is such a day. After being woken by Little Nugget a little before 7:00am (she brought her sit-n-spin into our bedroom for a quick ride before asking for "fwakes!") I had a cup of coffee and fully expected to be groggy for the next 2 hours of unproductive bliss. But the server at work was down, so my attention diverted elsewhere.

From 7:30-3:00, I literally was on my feet the whole time, hand washing 5 loads of dishes, cleaning out the closet, cleaning out my dresser, moving the dresser, sweeping, mopping, sorting recycling, cleaning the kitchen counters, mopping the floor in there, making snacks/meals for the Little Nugget. She helped from time to time, but I even wore her out.

Must be that spring thing...

Speaking of spring, it's gardening time!!!!! Well, almost in my zone. But close enough that you could probably get away with some conservative planting. I couldn't stand it, my local nursery was having their open house last weekend, so I had to check it out. It was a bit lame, still too early to have a good selection, plus the prices were higher than last year. Don't they know we have an economic crisis? Dude, I'm not paying 4.00 for a tiny-ass sprig of goundcover in a 3 inch pot. I have a bank to cover! I'm all about showing the Mom & Pop shops some lovin', but I'm not going to be stupid about it.

Anyway, yeah, productive day today, now I'm feeling a bit slackerish. Little Nugget has been watching Wer-Wer (Word World), and generally being a sweet angelpie of goodness, so I think after her episode last friday (oh yeah, giant tantrum in Target, wasn't fun) I am entitled to an afternoon of internet surfing and jamming to tunes. Might even get up and shake it a bit in the living room. Oh never mind, she just threw herself onto the floor in a most dramatic fashion because we are out of grapes.

I need a nap. Or an iced coffee.

All for now,

Monday, March 16, 2009


I had strategy. No penny-pinching bidding on the desired eBay item in question. I bid early and high (well, high for me). My plan was to get in there early and inspire fear in all other bidders who might try to snatch away my prize. Oh sure, there were a few who toyed with the idea, but they blinked in the end.

The Wonder Pets DVD is mine!

All for now,


Monday, March 9, 2009

Another Good Afternoon...

Soon after Hubby Nugget and I started the le grande courtship, I lost my brand-new pair of glasses, which caused me great distress, as they were really cute, and I was seriously poor due to the madness called doctoral studies of the really unuseful type. I figured they 1) fell out of my purse at the St. Patrick's Day parade; or 2) The Bug found them and promptly burried them in the backyard after chewing on them a bit.

4 years later...

Yesterday Hubby Nugget was unpacking yet another box that has gone ingnored since our move last year. It was a box that I had packed from our previous bedroom, consisting of his dresser items. Guess what was in it....yeah, for serious, the brand-new glasses were right there, where I put them. The best part? I needed a new pair of glasses! And they are the same prescription!!! How sweet is that?! We just saved $300+ bucks!!!

And if that wasn't enough? Later I went to the store and they had shredded cheese on sale for .99 cents!!!

Mommy likes a bargain....


Friday, March 6, 2009

A Good Afternoon...

1. Woke up to a beautiful spring day, unseasonably warm enough to open all the windows and air out the new-paint scented house.

2. My Nugget took my car in for an oil change, then came home for lunch with me and the Little Nugget. Hubby Nugget rocks super hard.

3. Went to the Dollar store to get safety pins, but alas they were out. Went next door to the grocery story where Little Nugget had a minor episode of unpleasantness due to the fact I hadn't purchased a balloon at the dollar store. Mercifully, two older sample ladies (clearly they were grandmothers) asked what was wrong and when I told them she was upset because she didn't have a balloon, they scurried me over to the floral department where one was inflated for her tout de suite. And it was her beloved PINK nonetheless. That seriously did the trick and I never wanted to hug a group of strangers more than I did at that moment. After profuse Thank Yous, we carried on unhindered by said unpleasantness.

4. Because we were able to then browse at a more leisurely pace, we discovered that there was a huge Manager's Sale on meat. Mmmm....beef! Although I suck at picking out good cuts of meat, I procured some impressive hunks of cow and pig to add to Team Nugget's stockpile of tasty goodness (the freezer). The cashier commented on their culinary beauty as we checked out, so I must have done good. And the best part? We saved $21.00. Sweet!