Friday, February 27, 2009

Now That's More Like It...

So I had the dreaded annual evaluation at work, made especially stressful by the talks of furloughs, paycuts, and other assorted badness at work. To make things infinitely better, Bossman was accompanied by incoming Bosslady, so it was a two-for-one funfest of administrative goodness!

Just to fill those of you in who are unfamiliar with Bossman's ways, he's not a detail person. So that means he really has no clue what I do. And that's fine, except when it's not, which has been the case for the last year or so when I've been marked as the perceived weakest member of the herd by some of the more carnivorous members of our department (FYI, my weakness was MATERNITY LEAVE, yeah, they're really that big of assholes). So for about the last two years I have had to work my ass off and defend myself to Bossman against the uninformed accusations brought forth by one of the less savory characters I have the pleasure of dealing with on a regular basis.

So here's how the evaluation went down (the important parts only--I won't bore you with my annual report and curatorial statistics, although I have to brag that we've scanned 27,000+ images!!!! woo-hoo!):

Bossman: "Well, there's just really no other way to say it.."
me: gulp...
Bossman: "This place would really just fall apart without you, it would literally come crumbling down, so don't go anywhere.."
Incoming Bosslady: "How great is that to be the foundation of the department!"
me: smiling, laughing, trying not to piss myself....
Bossman: "So is there anything else you'd like to add?"
me, sensing an opportunity: "More hours would be good..."
Incoming Bosslady: laughing...
Bossman: "No." [I paraphrased a little]

I tried, hey, I'll take being the pillar of the department--how's that for making yourself essential!!!!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Little Bit of Obnoxious Cuteness for Your Sunday Evening...

So I took this picture of the Little Nugget a few minutes ago, and it reminded me of the putti in Raphael's Sistine Madonna:

This concludes day two of her campaign to discard her clothes and run around in little more than her pull-ups and whatever item she can appropriate. In this case, she was eating her M&Ms in her butterfly wings, which she is fond of now that it's not Halloween. Anyway, I about pissed myself when I caught this pic--I smell a Christmas card project!!!!!!

I smell something, anyway. Today was the day to spray wall texture in Monkey's room, and being the poster nuggets of all things frugal/cheap, Team Nugget made an executive decision to use some texture from an earlier project, which unfortunately had gotten a little musty-smelling to say the least despite Hubby Nuggets efforts to enhance the olfactory experience with Spring fresh Lysol spray.

Sadly it did not work. So now the whole house smells like what I can only describe as stinky feet. I thought it might make it more tolerable if I could pinpoint the offensive odor, but I was wrong. So yeah, our house reeks of filthy, sweaty socks.

But at least tomorrow I get to paint.

Smells like progress!

All for now,

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Has It Really Been 10 Days?!

Time flies! To make up for my absence, I present some new pics of the Little Nugget in all her ornery splendor:

Wearing her shirt as a skirt, very creative use of sleeves.

She seriously loves the Elmo chair hand-me-down from her cousin M!

So much so that she wears it as a hat.

Little Miss Sassafras!

All for now, updates on all things Team Nugget soon, I promise!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

It's Like Herding a Toddler, a Deaf Dog and a Little Bastard

I just looked out the window and saw The Bug and Jacksonian the Presidential Dog roaming down the street like they were heading to the park or the store or whatever. They looked like they were finally freed from jail and out to find a good time with the friendly neighborhood she-dogs.

I wasn't so much worried about Stinkbug, he usually comes when you call him, surprisingly he is a scaredy dog and won't venture too far, despite his "reputation" as a bastard. The dogs stay downstairs (Jack can't make it up and down the stairs to go outside, so there you go) which makes it REAL easy to get the Bug in...he's so nosy, he jumps at the chance to come upstairs and find random food crumbs on the floor, etc.

Jackson is another story. He is an elderly statesman to be sure, but his get up and go can kick in when you least expect it. So I was a tad concerned when I saw him continue on down the road. First of all, he's going deaf. So there's that. But even if he could hear me, he wouldn't listen anyway because he's a ramblin' man. He could run away in a second given the chance. And he's surprisingly fast. So I ran after him (entertainment for the neighbors) and finally got his attention, he actually fell for the same line about going into the house. The novelty of hanging out upstairs was far greater than his desire to roam free. This time.

The hard part was getting them all coordinated. I had to get two curious dogs and an amused toddler downstairs, all the while making sure that the dog(s) don't get down there before I do and get back out the blown open gate before I can secure the premises. It was a bit like The Three Stooges (perhaps I'm the 4th Stooge in this scenario) trying to wrangle this motley group into doing the same thing at the same time.

And bless his heart, Jack's kinda dumb, too, so this complicated matters in that the simple instructions of "Let's go downstairs!" kept getting confused in his mind as "Let's go back outside!" and he kept running to all the doors: the front door, the kitchen door, garage door, the door to the deck that no longer get the point. And it never occured to him to go to the basement door. Sigh....

In the meantime, the Bug was already headed downstairs with the Little Nugget (God help us all when these two get together) and he is the escape artiste extraordinaire. So I had to go check on the ornery twins downstairs, then run back up to check on Jack's progress, and of course he was distracted from the task at hand by the trash can, recycling, unpacked boxes, dirty laundry and anything else along the way in the garage. Danged bassett hound sniffer. Several futile attempts later, I finally convinced him it would be awesome to go downstairs, and strangely enough, he followed me.

What an ordeal! I'll spare you from how many times I stepped in dog crap while securing the gate.

You're welcome.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's My Birthday!

Isn't it pretty?! Hubby Nugget rocks super hard!

Before he left town this morning to work on the Love Shack (our former residence, we are readying it for sale soon we hope), he made me blueberry pancakes for breakfast! That was AWESOME!!!
No big plans tonight, just chillin with my Nuggets. Spent the day working on Little Nugget's room, sanded some old furniture to paint (also for her room), and now I'm done!!!

I have more pics to post of the Little One, but I shall save those for later...time to relax!

All for now,

Friday, February 6, 2009

Twilight Zone

OK people, I just met our new next-door neighbor and her daughter. The kid seems OK, she's 10, likes our bastard dog (I warned her he bites), but the mom. The woman is delusional.

Seriously. She began telling me all sorts of stories about the goings on of our neighborhood, including the cops having to break up two fights at the neighbor's house across the street, how the other neighbor cursed her and her fiance out. WTF?!!! Is she talking about the same neighborhood? Or is she having flashbacks from a previous locale? Because seriously, these people are all nice, and I have never seen any cops ANYWHERE on our block. And I'm a nosy neighbor--I'd know.

Then she starts bad-mouthing the woman she bought the house from, and while B could be a bit negative sometimes, I found her to be a great neighbor, very generous and nice. A good person to live next to. But this woman...all I can say is I hope her fiance isn't a giant ass-munch too. Are they going to be the Confrontational Twins, who cause havoc and mayhem throughout the land? We like to keep to ourselves, and she professed to be the same, but then she said she wanted to get together for a backyard BBQ. Holy Crap, NOOOO! Hi, bye. That's cool with me. I don't want to get involved with some crazy woman who thinks everyone is out to get her.

I deal with enough crazy at work. I don't need it at home, too.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Potty Training Update: or, Why We Abandoned Ship

All the signs were there, I think she really wanted to potty in the toilet like a big girl, but alas, it was not to happen this time. After a week, the mere mention of potty or bathroom elicited either whining or hiding, take your pick. Neither was a good reaction, so we backed off.

She totally digs the pull-ups, though, much to our chagrin. So now she walks around with her ass-crack hanging out like a plumber most of the time, scratching her tiny-heiny with no inclination that she plans to do anything about the potty-training aspect of her potty-training pants! We may wait until it warms up, stick her in real panties and unleash her in all her neked-baby potty-training glory out in the backyard. I'm sure the dogs and new next-door neighbors will find that entertaining. Easy clean-up too--just hose the poo right off her! Awesome!

Sounds like a plan. I hope it works, because if she's not potty-trained by fall, they won't let her in preschool! Hear that Little Nugget?! Your educational future depends on it! No pressure. Oh don't worry, Mommy will internalize all that stress and keep it to herself. That's my job.

Where's my coffee?