Friday, February 27, 2009

Now That's More Like It...

So I had the dreaded annual evaluation at work, made especially stressful by the talks of furloughs, paycuts, and other assorted badness at work. To make things infinitely better, Bossman was accompanied by incoming Bosslady, so it was a two-for-one funfest of administrative goodness!

Just to fill those of you in who are unfamiliar with Bossman's ways, he's not a detail person. So that means he really has no clue what I do. And that's fine, except when it's not, which has been the case for the last year or so when I've been marked as the perceived weakest member of the herd by some of the more carnivorous members of our department (FYI, my weakness was MATERNITY LEAVE, yeah, they're really that big of assholes). So for about the last two years I have had to work my ass off and defend myself to Bossman against the uninformed accusations brought forth by one of the less savory characters I have the pleasure of dealing with on a regular basis.

So here's how the evaluation went down (the important parts only--I won't bore you with my annual report and curatorial statistics, although I have to brag that we've scanned 27,000+ images!!!! woo-hoo!):

Bossman: "Well, there's just really no other way to say it.."
me: gulp...
Bossman: "This place would really just fall apart without you, it would literally come crumbling down, so don't go anywhere.."
Incoming Bosslady: "How great is that to be the foundation of the department!"
me: smiling, laughing, trying not to piss myself....
Bossman: "So is there anything else you'd like to add?"
me, sensing an opportunity: "More hours would be good..."
Incoming Bosslady: laughing...
Bossman: "No." [I paraphrased a little]

I tried, hey, I'll take being the pillar of the department--how's that for making yourself essential!!!!


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