Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Little Bit of Obnoxious Cuteness for Your Sunday Evening...

So I took this picture of the Little Nugget a few minutes ago, and it reminded me of the putti in Raphael's Sistine Madonna:

This concludes day two of her campaign to discard her clothes and run around in little more than her pull-ups and whatever item she can appropriate. In this case, she was eating her M&Ms in her butterfly wings, which she is fond of now that it's not Halloween. Anyway, I about pissed myself when I caught this pic--I smell a Christmas card project!!!!!!

I smell something, anyway. Today was the day to spray wall texture in Monkey's room, and being the poster nuggets of all things frugal/cheap, Team Nugget made an executive decision to use some texture from an earlier project, which unfortunately had gotten a little musty-smelling to say the least despite Hubby Nuggets efforts to enhance the olfactory experience with Spring fresh Lysol spray.

Sadly it did not work. So now the whole house smells like what I can only describe as stinky feet. I thought it might make it more tolerable if I could pinpoint the offensive odor, but I was wrong. So yeah, our house reeks of filthy, sweaty socks.

But at least tomorrow I get to paint.

Smells like progress!

All for now,

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