Friday, February 6, 2009

Twilight Zone

OK people, I just met our new next-door neighbor and her daughter. The kid seems OK, she's 10, likes our bastard dog (I warned her he bites), but the mom. The woman is delusional.

Seriously. She began telling me all sorts of stories about the goings on of our neighborhood, including the cops having to break up two fights at the neighbor's house across the street, how the other neighbor cursed her and her fiance out. WTF?!!! Is she talking about the same neighborhood? Or is she having flashbacks from a previous locale? Because seriously, these people are all nice, and I have never seen any cops ANYWHERE on our block. And I'm a nosy neighbor--I'd know.

Then she starts bad-mouthing the woman she bought the house from, and while B could be a bit negative sometimes, I found her to be a great neighbor, very generous and nice. A good person to live next to. But this woman...all I can say is I hope her fiance isn't a giant ass-munch too. Are they going to be the Confrontational Twins, who cause havoc and mayhem throughout the land? We like to keep to ourselves, and she professed to be the same, but then she said she wanted to get together for a backyard BBQ. Holy Crap, NOOOO! Hi, bye. That's cool with me. I don't want to get involved with some crazy woman who thinks everyone is out to get her.

I deal with enough crazy at work. I don't need it at home, too.


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