Monday, November 16, 2009

The Straw that Broke the Camel's Back

That would be today at work.

Every once in a while, as is the nature in my department, there will be some person who will magically be perceived in some vulnerable or weakened position in standing and the others will be filled with great joy in tearing that person to shreds and dancing in the blood of their victim. It usually goes in cycles, and the victim is usually someone who is support staff, or one of the other faculty members should there be shifting alliances (which there always are). Even the chair is not immune to such carnage.

So I guess someone put the bull's eye on my back recently without my knowledge, because it is now my turn, and today I just decided I was tired of it. You know, going the whole day without eating because your stomach is churning is just not how work is supposed to be, especially someone who is good at and enjoys what they do. (Yeah, and this is also one of the reasons I've not been quite so prolific in the NaBloPoMoFo, sorry)

So today I wrote a nice little email to the pesticle in question and my boss, outlining why what he is doing is considered harassment, and that in the future I'd appreciate it if he'd step off and let me do my job. It felt pretty good.

Still no response, but I'll be on the lookout for the ravaging natives when I go into the office tomorrow...

Friday, November 13, 2009

What Was I Going to Say?

I had the idea, pushed the "New Post" button, and FORGOT what I was going to post about! Seriously, this getting old crap REALLY sucks! OK, getting oldER. But still, po-tay-to, po-tah-to, it's just not cool. I'm only 42. Isn't that supposed to be like the new 32? Honestly that's how I really feel. But sometimes, I feel like one of those people who remembers when microwave ovens, personal computers and cable TV were new. Oh crap.

I know, I've already posted about such unpleasantness, but I'm forgetting stuff now within like 10 seconds of thinking it!!! I get owies and have no clue how or when I was injured. I really want to get a Nintendo DS so I can get Brain Age!!! And I now find people in their early 20's to be quaint, but mostly quite annoying. I call random people under the age of 30 "punk-assed kids."

Don't get me wrong, I remember what I was like to be 19, 20'ish. But I am so over that. Now that I'm in my 40's it's so clear. 20's were all about drama (it all seems so much more important then). 30's were about figuring out who the hell you are (at least for me). 40's, well honestly, I'm really digging the 40's. Except for the short-term memory loss, achy joints and tendency to retain fat, it's pretty awesome.

And I will expound on that some more tomorrow, after I get some sleep...zzzz!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

No Post Like a New Post

except when I don't really post. Sorry, but tonight I need to get a certain monkey off my back and photoshop until my fingers bleed.

All for now,

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Behold the rock wall that Hubby Nugget and I built this summer:

It is a boomerang shaped border for our new patio/firepit area, a work in progress. It's original intent was to accent the 60' wildflower patch, oh but now it is so much more. You see, I have exhausted all my planting options in the front yard, in other words, yes, my rock garden is DONE. Now all that is left is to let it do it's thing. Auto-pilot! While that is oh so satisfying, uh, it's really not. Because I still must plant things. And when I say things, I mean sedum. And other creeping perennials. Enter the wall. The Empty Wall. Screaming for green. Just begging for plantings. How could I deny it? Oh I know it's Fall. WAY past planting season. But I laugh at freezes! Throw caution to the strong autumn wind. Behold my lunacy: Creeping phlox will look FABulous in the wall if it roots before it dies....

And let's not forget our friend, creepy thyme (yes, it FINALLY took off up front):

Couldn't leave Irish Moss out of the loop:

This is an earlier experiment with sedum. Kind of leggy, guess it expects TOTAL sun, sheesh.
It faces south, you'd think that would be good enough, picky bastard...

AND sedum facing west, so totally psyched with it's location:

So come spring, we shall see who is left standing. And hopefully, we will have a wall full of beautiful blooms!!! Yea! Go Team Nugget!
All for now,

Monday, November 9, 2009

NaBloPoMoFo is Kicking My Ass...

Seriously, I forgot AGAIN! And now I'm in my jammies and have brushed my teeth...

How about a super-sweet pic of the Little Nugget?

She had a blast playing in the dirt last weekend, the weather was so warm and beautiful! I have more pics from the weekend...more to come tomorrow!

All for now, it's a school night!


Sunday, November 8, 2009

I Really Should Write These Posts Earlier in the Day...

I'm usually at my best when I write in the morning. So now it's almost 9:00 p.m., and I just remembered that I hadn't posted yet, even though I had a great topic ready this morning!

But alas, we spent the day outside working (mostly my Nugget)/lounging (me)/playing (both of us) with the Little Nugget, and when I came indoors to attend to urgent peanut butter sammie needs, I ended up doing laundry, dishes, and kicking ass in the Photoshop Expediency Project, which is what I'm now calling the attempt to rid myself of a giant pesticle in my (what some would call hostile) work environment.

Have to give some stats, to demonstrate the awesomeness at which the project is hurdling towards the finish line: I have approximately 4,000 digitized images depicting various works of ancient art to edit and basically re-create in Photoshop (started with over 10,000, just so you get the scope of the project). I have been averaging about 50-75 images per day, on a good day. Since the inception of the Photoshop Expediency Project, which was at exactly 12:20 Thursday afternoon, I have finished almost 1,200 images!!!

I really don't think that merits any further comment, we all know that World Domination is within reach!

Oh hell yeah!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween Festivites, Partay!

I promised pics, and I deliver! A couple of weeks ago, Hubby Nugget and I headed up to the great state of Iowa to partake in the annual "Lazy K Ranch Halloween Party." Apologies to my Facebook friends who have already seen these!

Hubby Nugget and I went as the Progressive Insurance Girl and the Verizon Guy:

My brother and sister-in-law were the Kennedys, after the shooting:

I present the Bobbits....

...and the dismembered member:

Before you get too grossed out, it was made of bologna. And ketchup.

Jello shots are never a good idea:

The naughty pumpkin!

One couple came as the painting American Gothic (by Grant Wood):
It was such an awesome idea that we all had to give it a try:

We HAD to have HN pose with the group to get a "Verizon Network" photo op:

That was so awesome! Finally, witness Hubby Nugget chillin in the coffin that decorated the front yard:

You just can't beat that!
Good times,

Friday, November 6, 2009


Forgot to post today, but going to bed anyway as the Little One started the snoozefest early!


Bloggy goodness will ensue tomorrow, I promise! Plus pictures!!!

Night night!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Don't Mess with the Support Staff...

or they will mess you back.

So I've been working on this massive digitizing project for Curmudgeon (also known in this blog as "Pesticle"), and have delivered many, many images. So NOW he decides he doesn't like the way I'm delivering, via CD, which is the only way we currently have. Says there are too many images on the CDs, he can't find anything. Nevermind that I include all data in a spreadsheet so he can find said images, but hey, when I mention the data, he says, "Oh I don't need the data, I know what everything is." Whatever.

He wants them broken down by categories, Like all the Parthenon images on one disc, all of the Jupiter Capitolinus on one, etc. I get that. But I also get that he requested literally over 10,000 images and needs them by December, and if I'm to have this done in a timely fashion, I can't take the time to catalogue and re-organize all the images in little chunks and spoon feed them like baby food. Dude.

I reassure him that we are working on a new web-based delivery system and once we get over this bump, it will all be better.

He says, "I don't care about a delivery system, once you get these all scanned for me I won't need you or a delivery system."

Oh no he di-int!

I calmly looked at him and said, "you really don't think you'll need anymore images?" to which he replied, "oh no I can get beautiful Botticellis online, so why do I need you?" I said, "you can get Botticellis, but you can't get "Villa Papyri," and he countered with "no, but you're scanning them for me so I won't need it."


I've spent the last year Photoshopping almost 10,000 scanned crappy 30 year old slide images and you're gonna say that to me?! Wow. My first impulse was to say something like then I guess its ok if I delete the rest of these bad images because you can easily replace them with images from the internet (HAA! I'd like to see him try!!!), but I decided it is more prudent to consider this the light-bulb moment, like when you wake up one day and realize that your boyfriend is a giant asshole and why hadn't you seen this before when its so clear! Now I've always known he was an ass, but I've decided that he no longer deserves my quality services. Apparently he feels that I am vulnerable, he has been suspiciously nice lately so I was prepared for the attack. Such a little weasel. Don't fuck with the person who is working on your project!!! What an idiot!

As of this moment, I am no longer making silk purses of these pigs ear images, I am hammering through the remaining sets to GET THEM DONE, then I'm gonna burn so many fricken CDs he'll regret the day he ever set foot into my office. If I'm feeling really ornery, I might not include the data! Ha!! And when I'm done, I will deliver them in one giant heap on his desk!!! Oh yes!

Then I'll get back to work on more productive things, like serving the faculty who actually appreciate me!!!

All for now,

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Back in the day, I was in a bookclub of sorts. It was populated by like minded sorts, and was devoted to all things Arty. It went on for quite some time, a few years even. At first we met once a week at a local coffee shop (thereby augmenting my caffeine addiction), and discussed an article or chapter that someone had chosen. Then it was every two weeks, then once a month, you get the idea. Eventually I engaged in the madness that was a PhD program and drifted away, although by then it was really kaput anyway. On the bright side, I formed wonderful friendships with my two remaining girlies, A & R. No readings anymore, just hangin with my girls.

So why the nostalgia? Well, since I came to my senses about the advanced degree, I have had a hankerin to read for fun. I've been pecking away at this one book for awhile, but I find I really need the discipline of deadlines to really accomplish said reading enjoyment. Reading for fun seems so...wrong. Which is crazy, I know, but after years of my advisor asking why I was reading such and such, it's not scholarly enough to use in my dissertation, blah, blah, blah, it kind of gets drilled in your head that books are work. You use them for research, you write them, you don't read them for entertainment.

I guess what I'm saying is I'm looking to join a book club. I see this thing on Facebook, so I might check that out. But still might be kind of cool to join something locally, not virtually. Because I don't drink enough coffee as it is!

All for now,

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Diversions of Goodness

I'm looking for a new game to play. I've never really been a game player, but I've been giving it a go as a way to unwind after a busy day.

When I joined Facebook, I really got into Farm Town, as witnessed here. When I say I, I mean we, in that Hubby Nugget was equally enthralled with this time-wasting endeavor. I have to give the Town some cred for making me realize that a relaxed Mommy is a happy Mommy, one that requires less drink to achieve the desired relaxation level.

But all good things must come to an end. My love affair with Farm Town began to fade. I looked to Facebook for another and began playing Farmville. But really it was just a rebound relationship. Who am I kidding.

I re-evaluated my priorities. It wasn't about the coin. It wasn't about the small house versus the farmhouse versus the mansion. I was perfectly happy with the farmhouse (more closet space, but not so much that you felt compelled to become a compulsive shopper). And I really didn't even care about the crops. Oh I did at first, but that was just a means to an end. Plant the crops, harvest the crops, sell the crops, get the coin. Coin in itself doesn't bring happiness, no, Coin brings choices, and choices are good. I digress. What I'm trying to say is that I realized what appealed to me about Farm Town was the fact that I could design elaborate gardens and mazes, and THAT was cool.

So while I am simultaneously amusing myself and cursing Jungle Jewels, I would like to invite someone to create an awesome landscape gardening game app. I bet it would be HUGE. Or not. I know I would enjoy it.

All for now,

Monday, November 2, 2009


That's what my late Grandma used to say instead of an expletive. And it pretty much sums up the day. Nothing horrible, just a fussy Monkey, fussy with a capital F. Mercifully, she just fell asleep (2 hours early, woo-hoo!), she must have been just as exhausted as I have been all day.

So since I'm not feeling particularly bloggy (and still have a bunch of stuff to get ready for work) I will leave you with this lovely photo I took of our wildflowers last summer. Yes, resorting to the picture post already!

Here's to pretty flowers and tasty beverages!

All for now,


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Let the NaBloPoMoFo Begin!!!!

Are you excited?!

I just returned from the battlefield that is the Target Halloween Clearance aisle, and I arose from the ashes a VICTOR! Well, at least I thought so. I got the coveted Ghostly carousel with LED lights and real, live, MOVING parts for half price! I wanted one last year, but waited too long (I prefer 75% off, but those just don't make it to deep-discount clearance!).

So now the goods are safely tucked away in the tubs of rubbermaidly goodness, waiting patiently until they are needed again. My guess is that Monkey's birthday/Halloween party will be a grand affair next year, as we will have the backyard patio project completed. We had this year's birthday fest at Papa & GiGi's last weekend, given the muddiness of our yard, plus they have a lot more space in their new house.

Our Sweet Babygirl was a witch (note the broom she's sporting, it was mine when I was her age!!!)

The grub table...


Spiders on the scaffolding!!!

We had a sundae bar and amazing brownies and cookies from Amanda's Sugar Shack...

Little Nugget approved of the spread...

So much so that she pulled a chair up to the cookie table...

Hubby Nugget jammed before guests arrived... Little Nugget LOVES the drums!

Enjoying the bounty of her day...

Good stuff!

Unfortunately, Little Nugget wasn't the best hostess, and had a giant meltdown during the festivities, oh well.

All for now,