Sunday, November 8, 2009

I Really Should Write These Posts Earlier in the Day...

I'm usually at my best when I write in the morning. So now it's almost 9:00 p.m., and I just remembered that I hadn't posted yet, even though I had a great topic ready this morning!

But alas, we spent the day outside working (mostly my Nugget)/lounging (me)/playing (both of us) with the Little Nugget, and when I came indoors to attend to urgent peanut butter sammie needs, I ended up doing laundry, dishes, and kicking ass in the Photoshop Expediency Project, which is what I'm now calling the attempt to rid myself of a giant pesticle in my (what some would call hostile) work environment.

Have to give some stats, to demonstrate the awesomeness at which the project is hurdling towards the finish line: I have approximately 4,000 digitized images depicting various works of ancient art to edit and basically re-create in Photoshop (started with over 10,000, just so you get the scope of the project). I have been averaging about 50-75 images per day, on a good day. Since the inception of the Photoshop Expediency Project, which was at exactly 12:20 Thursday afternoon, I have finished almost 1,200 images!!!

I really don't think that merits any further comment, we all know that World Domination is within reach!

Oh hell yeah!

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