Monday, February 2, 2009

Potty Training Update: or, Why We Abandoned Ship

All the signs were there, I think she really wanted to potty in the toilet like a big girl, but alas, it was not to happen this time. After a week, the mere mention of potty or bathroom elicited either whining or hiding, take your pick. Neither was a good reaction, so we backed off.

She totally digs the pull-ups, though, much to our chagrin. So now she walks around with her ass-crack hanging out like a plumber most of the time, scratching her tiny-heiny with no inclination that she plans to do anything about the potty-training aspect of her potty-training pants! We may wait until it warms up, stick her in real panties and unleash her in all her neked-baby potty-training glory out in the backyard. I'm sure the dogs and new next-door neighbors will find that entertaining. Easy clean-up too--just hose the poo right off her! Awesome!

Sounds like a plan. I hope it works, because if she's not potty-trained by fall, they won't let her in preschool! Hear that Little Nugget?! Your educational future depends on it! No pressure. Oh don't worry, Mommy will internalize all that stress and keep it to herself. That's my job.

Where's my coffee?

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