Friday, March 6, 2009

A Good Afternoon...

1. Woke up to a beautiful spring day, unseasonably warm enough to open all the windows and air out the new-paint scented house.

2. My Nugget took my car in for an oil change, then came home for lunch with me and the Little Nugget. Hubby Nugget rocks super hard.

3. Went to the Dollar store to get safety pins, but alas they were out. Went next door to the grocery story where Little Nugget had a minor episode of unpleasantness due to the fact I hadn't purchased a balloon at the dollar store. Mercifully, two older sample ladies (clearly they were grandmothers) asked what was wrong and when I told them she was upset because she didn't have a balloon, they scurried me over to the floral department where one was inflated for her tout de suite. And it was her beloved PINK nonetheless. That seriously did the trick and I never wanted to hug a group of strangers more than I did at that moment. After profuse Thank Yous, we carried on unhindered by said unpleasantness.

4. Because we were able to then browse at a more leisurely pace, we discovered that there was a huge Manager's Sale on meat. Mmmm....beef! Although I suck at picking out good cuts of meat, I procured some impressive hunks of cow and pig to add to Team Nugget's stockpile of tasty goodness (the freezer). The cashier commented on their culinary beauty as we checked out, so I must have done good. And the best part? We saved $21.00. Sweet!


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