Wednesday, June 18, 2008


OK, OK, so I've been a little slow to post. Hey, I posted twice last week, shouldn't that count for something?

Here's what Team Nugget has been up to since we last spoke (or wrote/read):

I don't remember what we did last Friday--that's too long ago. But I bet it was fun, because that's the day I work at home, so I actually get to see my second-shift workin' husband for a few hours, which is AWESOME! I'm sure the day probably involved some gardening adventures and/or cleaning and laundry.

Saturday. Team Nugget loaded up for a road-trip to a neighboring state for the celebration of my niece's 4th birthday. There was much merriment and good times! Karaoke. Need I say more? And quite possibly the best cupcakes (well, the best buttercream icing) I've ever had, so I had many since I knew I was joining Weight Watchers this week! No regrets--it was some good shit. I allowed the Little Nugget to pick out her cousin's present (I had no clue what to get), and she scored big time with Littlest Pet Shop gear. Way to go Babygirl! You get to pick out the present for your other cousin's b-day party next weekend!

Sunday. Big reunion, hubby Nugget's side. Lot's of fun! Got to show off our fancy walking nugget, since the Little One was still crawling when they saw her last. She charmed the masses with her mad skillz and surprised everyone, including us, with her sudden fondness of dill pickles.

Monday. I don't remember. That was two whole days ago. I think I worked. Yes, I worked from home, got an oil change in the family carriage and took the Little Nugget for a stroll. Hubby Nugget went to the hill and worked on the wildflower patch, and brought me back the best present ever!!!! While he was there (I'll explain the hill some other time--just know it's about an hour away, and where our grapevines live among the trees and deer) he went exploring in the woods and dug up a whole bunch of moss!!!! Later in the evening Babygirl and I planted them under our tree in the backyard. Sweet!!! I can't wait to get some more!!!!

Tuesday. I took a vacation day and we went shopping for deeply discounted overstock playground equipment. Oh it was soooo awesome. A critical Team Nugget core value--if there is a bargain to be had, you must find it!!! I love me a good deal, and people, this was the deal of the decade! Climbing wall, slide, baby swing, toddler swing, regular swing, monkey bar, various accoutrement's for $114!!! That's right, one hundred and fourteen buckaroos. Team Nugget rocks SUPER-HARD!!!

Today. My second vacation day, taken so that we could have a work day on the house we moved out of, but still haven't finished renovating so that we can sell it and finally be rid of it. Crapdoodle, we forgot the tools. I removed plaster anyway--with a 2x4! We also hauled off a bunch of appalling appliances to the scrap metal place. I really wish I had taken video of the giant claw grabbing the fridge off the trailer and flinging it through the air onto a pile of crumpled old metal. Good riddance! I almost would have paid that guy to pick it up and do it again, it was so awesome!

Little Nugget spent the night with Grammy & Grampy to allow such a work day, so baby-free (ahhh), I just planted more creepy thyme and sedum in their respective rock gardens.

So that's what Team Nugget has been up to for the last week! No wonder we need a nap!

All for now,

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