Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day One of Vacation: Welcome to the Ass-Kicking

What with the new house and Nugget's new job, we decided this year we would stick around our home state, more of a local get-away rather than a big travel extravaganza. So every couple of weeks, the plan is to do something touristy around town. Vacation spread throughout the summer! Sweet!

Day One: the zoo. Now I haven't been to our local zoo since high school, and it has gone through some hard times. I'm happy to report it is on the upswing, but man, we could use some more animals, people! Nonetheless, it is a beautiful landscape they have created for critters and folks alike. As usually is the case, it was nappy-time at the zoo, so there wasn't quite enough activity to hold the Little Nugget's attention, but she managed to keep herself occupied with various rocks and sticks that could be picked up along the way.

Now, being the giant dumbass that I am, of course I brought the camera, but forgot to make sure the battery was charged up. We got a total of about 5 pics to document the adventure.

So imagine, if you will, these awesome highlights: Little Nugget giggling at an Ibex that was gathing materials for its nest; a kangaroo checking out Team Nugget from afar; Babygirl surrounded by sheep beggin for lovin, and snacks; humping bumblebees (mid-flight); a meerkat standing on its hindlegs to see the Little One in her stroller; fabulous giraffes and elephants; the two-year old little boy who fell in love with and followed the Little Nugget around; and the goose that clamped down on her foot. She didn't think that was too awesome.

By the end, we were all exhausted. It was a wee bit humid, and a tad warm and we had managed to walk a gazillion miles. Our ass was dragging by the time we got to the car.

We spent the rest of the weekend planting flowers and working on the grapevines...sheesh.

No wonder we're tired.

All for now,

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