Saturday, June 28, 2008

Team Nugget Parenting Tip #325

Unsupervised crayon play is highly discouraged and can result in unplanned and unwanted furniture "refinishing", behold:

I swear, she must have had that crayon hidden up her sleeve! And Yes, she is a silly monkey.

All for now,



Michelle said...

I love reading your blogs, and your little one is so cute. Anyways.............
Look at it this way, could be an artist in the making. Artist that makes millions and you all can retire early!

Nugget said...

Oh, that's the dream...:-) Wouldn't that be sweet?!

Thanks for reading!!!

The Immortal Woman said...

I am still finding the name of my daughter scralled in crayon in places I thought she could not reach. She is now 21!