Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Heart Visual Resources!

I LOVE this time of year. Yes, birdies chirping, bunnies hopping, flowers blooming, that stuff's great too. No, this is the time of year when I fall in love with my job all over again. The semester is over, faculty and students are gone, and it's just me (and my trusty helpers, of course) and the projects that I have set out to accomplish during the quiet summer months. For me, it's all about new beginnings and chance to get things done for the upcoming school year.

What do I do, you ask? I am a VISUAL RESOURCES CURATOR!!! (HEART!) Peoples eyes usually glaze over when I tell them my profession, probably from regret that they hadn't made the same FABULOUS career choice. OK, before I vomit in my keyboard, here's my job in a nutshell: I manage an image collection that is used to teach art and art history classes.

It's AWESOME! Well, at least for me anyway. I believe this to be the only profession in the world that justifies, shall we say, my extensive educational "career". I get to play with art images, categorizing and cataloguing, databasing and scanning! Scan, Scan, Scan! Want me to digitize something? I'll do it! (Within fair use of copyright law, of course!) Translate foreign text from scholarly journals? Mais oui! Want me to make you a database? Oh, I will! My love of databases is so great that I have been know to make them on the fly for mundane things such as a packing list for vacations. I even made a database for my wedding!

OK, I'm admitting it now, I'm an ubergeek.

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