Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ho Ho Ho!

Monkey has been chirping "one!" all day today. I'd like to think she's cognisant enough of the whole Santa thing for her to mean that she recognizes it's one more day till Santa comes. But nah, she just likes numbers.

She does know something's up, though. The first clue was the dumptruck load of presents brought over by Gammy and Dapaw:

For the record, two of those are for Me and my Nugget, and two are for Gammy and Dapaw. The rest are to the Little Nugget. They certainly love to spoil their only granddaughter!

She's been amazingly well-behaved around the tree, which is generally not the case for the rest of the house. She's quite curious, so it's quite a shock that she didn't check some of them out prior to the official unveiling.

Prior to her bedtime, we made Santa and Mrs. Claus some hot cocoa and put out a cookie for Rudolph. I know for a fact that the Mr. & Mrs. like a little somethin' somethin' in their cocoa, so I added a dash of Irish Cream. It was yummy! (I mean I bet it's yummy!!! I hope they enjoy!)

"Santa's" deposit for the Little Nugget. Because he is very conscious of the environment and seriously pressed for time, presents from Santa are not wrapped. So this will be what the Little Nugget wakes up to!

Gammy and Dapaw will be coming over to open presents, then we are heading over to L & R's house for some turkey and hanging out!
Happy Holidays everyone!!!


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