Friday, December 5, 2008

A Plague on the House of Nugget, Again

Chez Nugget is teeming with viruses at the moment. Little Nugget was so kind to share her cold with us, and with Gammy as well. Only Dapaw and the canine mascots have gone unscathed by this plague. What can I say, Monkey always has been a good sharer.

No extra charge for the ear/eye infections. Oh wait! Those cost an extra $100 bucks for meds and deductibles. Luckily those are confined to just me and the Little Nugget.

Neither one of us had symptoms of earaches, so I was hoping to avoid that whole scene of antibiotic ingestion. I think Babygirl will tolerate the eye drops, but antibiotics taken orally. Man. Been there. Hated that. Lets just say it will be a very torturous time. I mean, she barely tolerates nose wiping. OK, that's an exaggeration. She DOES NOT tolerate nose wiping of ANY kind. It usually ends up being some kind of commando operation where you sneak up on her while she's distracted by Elmo, or food, or pharmaceutical commercials, or whatever. But she's quick! She goes into defense mode instantly, almost like a boxer: tucks her chin into her chest and throws up her arms. She's a wiley one, that girl.

So Medicine Time will have to be well planned. No amateur attempts like putting it into chocolate milk (which she still won't drink to this day). What can I say, I'm a first-time mom, I learned my lesson.

Tag-team. That's the way to go. And lots of cookies. Cuz nothing says sorry Mommy and Daddy forced ill-tasting substances down your throat like chocolate chip cookies!

Can't wait!


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