Sunday, December 21, 2008

More Adventures of the Little Nugget...

With the holidays approaching soon, I thought I would put up some pics of the Little Nugget before the onslaught of Christmas photos buries them in the depths of the "post" folder.

Monkey really enjoyed her birthday book from Aunt J and Uncle DJ--and so did Mommy and Daddy. Very cool book called Gallop. Check it out on Amazon, it's too hard to describe! ( And I'm feeling a bit lazy and tired from all the food I've eaten this weekend at family gatherings)

Sadly, we had to attend a funeral recently for Hubby Nugget's step-grandma, M. Unfortunately, we did not check the length of Little Nugget's (hand-me-down) dress until we were seriously late and had to dress her on the way out the door. Yikes! She looked like a Bratz doll (sorry to offend if your a fan, but I'm NOT)--the fact that I paired biker boots with it didn't help. You can see above that her coat was longer than the dress. Yes, that's her ass hanging out. So of course, she had to roll around on the floor the whole time. It was fun. I won the parent of the year award on that one! Sorry family members I don't see very often, really I don't usually dress my daughter like a skank. For real. That dress was burned upon returning home.

Shake! If Palooza extends her fist in this manner, she wishes to shake your hand, fyi.

We had a genuine snow day this week, so Mommy worked from home while the Sweet Babygirl kept herself occupied for hours (literally) with coloring!!! Her output of work was prodigious to say the least! We had lots of fun, and surprisingly, I got mucho work done! Win-win!

Along with her new-found interest in coloring, she also is expressing a liking of stickers. She likes to put them everywhere. It's awesome. My favorite is when she puts them on herself. She says "I stuck." Indeed.
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