Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Snow Day!

I had cabin fever so bad that against my better judgement, I went back to work today despite the warning of this season's first decent snow. The fact that I couldn't wait to get back to work is freaky enough, but in the snow...that's just crazy-talk.

Most people at my place of employ could care less if you show up or not, just so long as they don't need anything from you at that moment. And this being finals week, it's pretty quiet. So why did I go? Why?! Because I care about what I do, call me a stupidhead.

So like a goober, I'm scanning away and S, our administrative assistant/unofficial power source of the department says to me, "Go home! Boss-man would want you to!!!" Can't argue with that.

So now Palooza and I are safely at home (not much snow here, it went south of home and bull's eyed work) and I'm settling in for some cocoa while I work on paperwork. I know, I'm too dedicated to such a low-paying job. But hey, I have a job I like. Just having a job is a good thing nowadays.



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