Monday, December 15, 2008

Spreading Preciousness Throughout the Land

One sports bar at a time.

Little Nugget and I ventured out to run a couple of last-minute Christmas errands (we plan to hole up for the next two weeks and let the amateurs fight it out themselves). It's colder than shit, btw, not an important part of the story, just annoying (it's like 5 degrees).

So we go to the post office where there is a HUGE line. I dreaded the whole experience anyway, the post office is bad enough, let alone with an impatient toddler. But she was surprisingly happy about the experience, probably because she had a captive audience. She treated the other patrons to her rendition of the alphabet song, recited colors, and the piece de resistance, her dramatic interpretation of nap time, "Night-night! (followed by fake snoring noises)" That was a crowd-pleaser. Then she finished the show up by making her froggy perform a little dance. Thank you very much! We'll be playing all week!

The show continued at our next destination, a chain restaurant where we picked up some gift cards. These were available in the bar area, and it felt like I was going to be struck by lightning for bringing my babygirl in there. But ok. We belly up and wait while the 'tender was taking orders from the group of burly dudes at the bar. So Monkey looks around for a little bit, looks over at the guy seated a couple seats away from her and shouts to him, "HIGH FIVE!!!" He was stunned to say the least. High fives were exchanged, then she exclaims "YEA!!!!". She then notices that this man is wearing a cap with the logo of our favorite football team, then shouts "GO CHIEFS!!!" and throws her arms in the air. This required another round of high fives, etc. You get the idea. A little charmer this one. She made quite an impression. Even shook his hand when we left.

How is it possible that we produced such an extrovert?


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