Sunday, January 18, 2009

Super-Size Me...not.

So when did all the furniture get big? Hubby Nugget and I have been shopping for a dresser and chest of drawers now for a month, and we still can't find anything that will fit into our space. Granted, this is not a huge house, but it's not tiny either.

What's up with that?

Don't they make furniture that is spare-bedroom-sized? Because I think that's what we need. We don't have a master suite. But we do have a king-sized bed, and even that doesn't affect our space crunch with the chest and dresser width.

I'm just sayin.

Of course it is difficult to really get a good grip on what's available in any given furniture store when you have a Tiny Monkeypie of Goodness who is: a) manically jumping on the furniture displays; b) throwing a fit because said behavior has been admonished; c) running obnoxiously around the store and trying to escape out the front door when other customers enter said establishment; d) screaming because she wants to go home/eat a cookie/throw herself randomly on the ground in a most dramatic fashion just for sport/do whatever she wants to do with no consideration of social standards of behavior.

My head hurts.

Remind me why I decided to remodel our bedrooms? Yes, I said bedrooms. Ours and the Little Nuggets, too. AND potty training.

You are free to mock me openly.

All for now as I must attend to my whiner, I mean, Sweet Babygirl.


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