Friday, January 9, 2009

Just Some Randomness....

Fridays are usually my day off, but when you work part of your hours from home, that is not always the case. I try to get everything done on Monday, but that often drifts into Tuesday, etc. This week I thought I had it under control. Even got my work done by Wednesday. So when I went into work yesterday, I tied up loose ends before the beginning of the new semester which starts on Monday. Easy-peasy. Until I backed up the scans made by my assistant and found the folder of images that a professor needs for next week! Doh! I forgot about those! So I'm photoshopping and cataloguing 95 images of 18th century French paintings today instead of getting groceries. Let's just hope that the Little Nugget doesn't notice that she's out of "suh", or cereal.


Isn't that a fancy divider line? Just a little visual cue to let you know that the next thought is totally unrelated. As if a paragraph weren't enough.


So I've told (all of) you dear reader(s) about the struggles to style Little Nugget's hair. She looks like a little mop-head! I had hoped for her that she got her Daddy's hair, which is awesomely curly, unlike mine which is stick straight and stubborn. But she seems to have some freaky hybrid of both, mostly stick straight but with this weird curly patch in the back. Sorry Little Nugget! We tried!

Anyway, she has been very anti-styling, very anti-hair accessories. So her hair looks unkempt most of the time, even though we sneak a brush or comb through it when she's not looking. In a desperate attempt to prevent our child from looking like some street urchin, I purchased a package of small hair clips against my better judgement (TOTAL choking hazard). I didn't even bother to open them, and one day last week she comes carrying them in to me! She asked for the pink ones, of course, and wanted them in her hair. I was floored to say the least. As a matter of fact, I thought about posting about it, but thought she might just be ill and therefore it could simply be an anomaly. But no shit, she just brought it to me again a few minutes ago and asked for the red clips to be put in her hair, because of course they match the sparkly red Dorothy shoes she has on. How can a tomboy be such a girlie?!

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