Friday, January 2, 2009

Holiday Festivities a l'Illinois

After Christmas, Team Nugget + Dapaw and Gammy took a road trip to the fine state of Illinois for holiday festivities with the family. Monkey got to play with her cousin M, who she hasn't seen since last year! They are only 2-1/2 months apart in age, so they had a grand time!

M got the coolest blocks from her aunt C, and she was very good at sharing! The girls had a blast rolling around in them!

Gammy and Monkey started playing a funny game on the way there: Gammy: "Tomato!" Monkey: "No, its appo!!!" Gammy: "It's a tomato silly goose!" Monkey: "no you goose!!!" Too cute! She's still slightly confused about tomatoes.

She slept in her sleeping bag without incident, like a big girl!

The girls shared an interest in all things Elmo!

Here they are busting a move with Mr. Noodle.

Little Nugget and M shared a sammie (pb sandwich) and grapes after they worked up their appetite.

Little Nugget got a kick out of the tinsel! Weee!

Little Miss "I never met a broccoli that I wouldn't eat" decided shortly before the trip that she would only eat juice and peanut butter sandwiches. And fry-fries. It was vexing but expected of a toddler.

Too cute! Little Nugget shared her cool vet hospital with cousin M--they played so well together!

Monkey also shared some of her "bad" behaviors with cousin M--like climbing!

Before dinner, the girls had their pinata...

And so did we!!! Here S massacres the donkey!!!

Mayhem ensued!!! The girls were escorted upstairs to protect them from the carnage--we were a bit animated!

Man, we may be getting to old to dive to the floor! Hubby Nugget's knee was a casualty of mad dash to collect the booty. But we scored big time with a Lowes gift card!!!! Sweet!!! My cousin S got pasties!!! He-he! I got a whoopee cushion!!! It's the most awesome pinata ever!

A super-sweet pic of cousin M--the girls had so much fun! Can't wait till next time!
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