Monday, January 5, 2009

It's Day Three and Counting...

Why is the Sweet Babygirl not taking afternoon naps anymore? Why? WHY?!

I'm not saying that she has cut out a nap and that there still remains an ounce of peace at some other time of the day when she will doze off and give Mommy and Daddy a reasonable amount of "quiet" time. No. NO NAPS. ZERO!

This a new development that is not appreciated. We here at Team Nugget count on, dare I say NEED nap time to maintain sanity levels. Is it too much to ask?

She shows absolutely no signs of drowsiness. She is applauding a Mirena commercial at the moment. Yea!!! Beloved pharmaceutical commercials! She vexes me so.

If only she were more influenced by Jacksonian the Presidential Dog, who ran on the "pro-nap" platform during the campaign.

Yes we can!

All for now,

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