Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Adventures of a Girl and her Froggy: a Photo Essay

Ever since the Little Nugget was conceived, I had dreams of what her special toy would be. Would it be the super-cute stuffed Monkey? She thought it was alright, but rarely looked at it. The adorable bears that both sets of grandparents have bought from time to time? Off and on, but mostly off. In her two plus years, I have bought numerous stuffed animals, probably because I have always loved them myself, but mostly in the hope of finding her snuggle-buddy, the one that she remember into adulthood.

One day we found Froggy on a clearance rack at Babies-R-Us, and since it was the color of her then bedroom, it seemed an easy choice, plus it was undeniably adorable. Of course like all the others, I gave her every opportunity to bond, but it didn't really stick either. Until one day...

She learned how to say "froggy." It was more like "fwoggy," and when asked what sound a froggy makes, she would say "arf!" Back then, everything said "arf!" "What's a bear say?" "ARF!" "What's a shark say?" "ARF!" She was a bit confused.

Now she and Froggy run around the house shouting "Ribbet, Ribbet!"

Finally a snuggle buddy! She carries him around, gives him hugs, pats his back...

Even gives him a bath! The other day she put him in her Magnet School and said "Froggy take a bath!" I asked her if he needed duckies, and she concurred!

Sweet dreams!

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