Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Caught Me Slackin!!!

Well, not really slackin, but at the very least I have been neglectful of the blog. I wanted to blog last Thursday, really I did, but the interwebs were not on my side. True story!

So anyway, Team Nugget has been quite active as of late, what with gardening, gardening oh and gardening. Hubby Nugget more than myself, since the Little Nugget has become somewhat needy and can't let me out of her sight. Since my gardening activities involve the front yard, I'm not too comfy having her up there with me, as she is fond of running right to the very edge of the yard, only millimeters from where the yard ends and the road begins, because she has to test the boundaries, of course. And I think she really enjoys seeing Mommy have a panic attack/hemorrhage each and every time she goes close to the street. She must, because the behavior never ceases to occur, despite my best efforts to the contrary.


Yes, the girl has been challenging as of late, just the usual toddler stuff, but ramped up a bit. It must be a growth spurt, at least that always seems to be the answer to everything. We'll go with that!

I tried to plant a little last week, but that was possible only with a Monkey attached to my leg, hanging off like a pendulum and calling for "Mommy snuggles!" It was pretty sweet, but as a result my rock garden is looking pretty shabby. So sorry neighbors, I'd rather hang out with the Babygirl than pull dandelions...

I need to run the weedeater, then I'll take pics of the garden for a fun comparison from last year when I started it from scratch!!! So more to come, I promise!

Plus, stay tuned for more on Little Nugget's first camping trip!!!

Gotta get back to work before the Man catches me goofin!

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