Thursday, September 4, 2008

One Step Closer to World Domination... piece of jewelry at a time! As pledged to you last weekend, I completed the challenge to myself to make some jewelry. Since I don't have a dedicated spot to work in, I decided to hold off on getting out my torch and instead worked with beads. Note the sweet organizer I mentioned in the previous post, lower left, black. It's actually made for scrapbooking, but served my purpose very well indeed. Got it at Michaels, clearance. FYI. Anyhoo, I set up shop on the kitchen table, and Hubby Nugget distracted the Little Nugget with the promise of outdoor play so that I could have some "alone time" with my jewelry toys. But the Babygirl knew Mommy was up to something cool and forbidden, so she insisted on coming back inside where she could be of assistance. She's very helpful that way.

In this photo, the Little Nugget is holding on to Mommy's fabulous Craftmates bead storage containers. Mommy bought them because the compartments lock to keep the contents safely ensconced in their plastic goodness. It works very well. Except when Sweet Babygirls throw them on the floor with all their might. Three times in one afternoon. From that point on, I elected to embark on the jewelry adventure whilst the Little Nugget napped quietly in her bedroom. It was really better for everyone that way.

So here's the net result of my jewelry production: behold!

On the top is an eyeglass chain I made for the reading glasses I need because I'm friggin' OLD. So might as well make something snazzy to dress them up, I say. Glass beads and Swarovski's on that one. Got a little experimental with the photography, too. Glamour shot!

On the bottom is the first piece produced, a bracelet of citrine, pearls, mother of pearl, river stone, dichroic glass and swarovski crystals. I don't usually work in shades of yellow, so this was fun. I found out how rusty I was, too. Had to do one of the strands several times before I got the hang of the knotting again.

This sweet little bracelet was made just for the Little Nugget, who is enthusiastically learning her colors and is rather fond of wearing jewelry (good girl!!!). It is made of vintage and non-vintage glass beads I had on hand, strung on memory wire, nice and indestructible for a highly spirited toddler.

So today at work, I (allegedly--I was working!) saw that I had a comment on my last post from none other than Hazel Wheaton, the editor of Art Jewelry magazine--can I just say that I majorly geeked out in my chair, jumped up and down like the uber-dork that I am. Her words of encouragement meant a lot and will go a long way to kept the inspiration alive. I plan to continue making jewelry regularly, not just on holiday weekends. It shouldn't be a luxury, I enjoy it too much to deny that to myself.

Jewelrynugget out!

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