Sunday, October 5, 2008

Team Nugget Picto-rama, part 1

I am sooo behind in posting..not so much because I have nothing to say, but because I have too much to write about. So of course I say nothing. Go figure. So I am going to combine the 4 posts I have rolling around in my head into two. Part one will consist of Little Nugget festivities, part two will document the recent adventures of me and my nugget. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Recently we attended the nuptials of my brother and now sister-in-law, congrats guys!!! Before the festivities, Little Nugget monkeyed around with her cousins K and K. She and K are only 4 months apart so they are becoming partners in crime, allegedly. Here I tried to get a picture of the three of them, only the Little Nugget was having none of it, as she is a Nugget on the go. No time for pics. Must run free. It was a nice photo of K and K, though!

Inside, the Sweet Babygirl and cousin K played tag. It was so cute, as this was really the first time the Little Nugget actually played with another youngster her age, not just played next to them. She's such a big girl!!!! She had a blast!

She stopped only briefly for a pic with Daddy!

This is what happened after Hubby Nugget put her down!!! Off like a flash!!! I'd say it's a safe bet she'll be a little athletic when she grows up.

She is full of beandip, but you've guessed that by now, I'm sure.

Fast forward to the Monkey trying on the shoes that she got from her cousins M & G. Love, Love Love the hand-me-downs, especially with a growing nugget. Those new shoes she wore to the wedding, she outgrew them the next week. Seriously! She's got big boats. Plus, she's not even two and she's already crazy about shoes. Just look at her! She kept saying "shoe!!! pretty!!!" How does that happen? Is there some gene that I've passed on unwittingly?

A couple of weekends ago, our new hometown hosted a Fall Festival, complete with carnival rides!!! Babygirl has never experienced the joy that is a carnival, so we were so there. Conveniently, the event was held practically in our backyard, so we hoofed it to the square for a Team Nugget night on the town. First stop was food, Mexican being the official food of Team Nugget. Monkey sat in the booster seat like a big girl...

...then posed in the signboard that they had made for her. Apparently they knew she was coming.

Carnival rides are a lot more expensive than we remembered!

But so worth it! She loved this one so much she had to do it twice!

Her first carousel ride! Wasn't quite as thrilling as the giant slide, but she still enjoyed it!

AAAhhhhh, my sweet nuggets! XOXOX
All for now,

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