Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sick Day

Since Saturday I've had this sore throat that I've tried to will away, but overnight the vile plague unleashed a torrent of snot that could not be denied.

I'm sick.

Hubby Nugget just took the Little Nugget to preschool, and here I lie, cup of hot tea in hand, buried under my snuggie and a pile of used kleenex.


Would you like some cheese with my whine?

Updates are in order since I haven't posted for a month.

How bout them Chiefs? I'm blocking last week's game out of my memory...bring it up and I will deny it ever happened. I'm talking about the Playoffs! Woot! *must get over cold by Sunday!!!*
We're in the playoffs baby!!!

On other fronts...

Team Nugget embarked on a yet another campaign to potty train the oh so stubborn Little Nugget, necessitating my absence for a month. I was doing laundry and mopping the floors non.stop. I'm happy to report she is peeing in the potty now, not in her panties. Don't ask me about poo. Sigh.

OK, I'm going to go take some cold meds and lay down.


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