Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bras, Booze and the Radar Blues: a Night on the Town with Team Nugget

Team Nugget had a grand night out on the town Friday. Let me tell you about it.

It all started when by some freakish coincidence my large mammaries busted out of the only two bras that I own in the current post-baby size. Not wanting to roam free, the girls needed to be housed. Little Nugget and I headed over to Satan's House of Cheap Brassieres to procure a containment apparatus, but alas, selection was bleak. To make matters worse, Little Nugget was playing her favorite game, "pull everything off the rack and chew on the tags" It was distracting to say the least. So they may have had what I wanted, but I was somewhat distracted. Anyway. So I decided to head over to my FAVorite store with a red bulls eye logo later in the evening when Hubby Nugget could watch the Babygirl and I could peacefully peruse the undergarment section without having to re-shelve everything.

So Hubby Nugget gets home from work, and I tell him my plan, to which he says, "Let's have a family outing!" I'm guessing that only Team Nugget would plan a family outing around bra shopping, but we needed Triple-sec to make a Sidecar later in the evening (Sidecar = brandy + triple sec or cointreau + lime juice = yum!). Bras and Booze--it was the making of an adventure!

Post-Nugget nap, we headed out to dinner. Food was tasty, and we were mildly amused by the blowhard at the next table who dominated not only that conversation, but all others around him what with his volume and know-it-all-ness. We had a secret weapon, though--a very loud toddler by the name of Sweet Babygirl, who punctuated his conversation with raucous outbursts of "FIVE!" "NINE!" "NINETY-NINE, NINE, NINE!" We apologized, but we weren't very sincere about it.

Next stop, bra-central. Traffic was horrible, though, and people were driving in these horrible clusters, continuously slamming on their brakes. Hubby Nugget saw his spot, and stealthily managed to pass the traffic by escaping to the left lane. Then we saw the policeman. Oops. We were doing 74 in a 65. Little Nugget was highly amused in the back seat, just sat there giggling and looking at the pretty lights. Hubby Nugget was not amused. I thought crappidy-crap-crap that's gonna be an expensive bra now. So after a few minutes, the officer brings back Hubby Nugget's drivers license and tells us to slow down. OMG he let us go with a warning!!!!!!!

We get to Target and we're practically jumping up and down in the parking lot!!! Bra and booze were acquired and I scouted some sweet new fall clothes for the Monkey (will wait for a little sale, otherwise known as discount stalking). Once home, all was well.

Good times!

All for now,

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