Sunday, August 3, 2008

It's Photo-rific!!!

It's pho-tastic! I have a backlog of pics that I've been meaning to share, so here goes!

This is a snappy of Little Nugget watching her FAVorite show, the Price is Right. She love, love, LOVES Drew Carey. I can always count on a little quiet time when PiR is on. Well, except for the screaming and running around waving her arms when people 1)come on down, 2) win their showcase, 3) spin the wheel, or when 4) there is a close up of Drew Carey. The girl loves her show. (Note: Monkey does not indulge in a steady diet of crap TV, being the geeks that we are, she mostly gets the Science Channel, NatGeo, or cable news. And she's not a big fan of Sesame Street for some reason, but LOVES Elmo, of course. I'd be worried if she didn't like Elmo--isn't there some kind of tot law that she has to be into Elmo?)

Somewhere down the line Little Nugget developed a taste for dill pickles, much to our surprise. But she has pretty discerning tastes anyway. Her favorite snack is broccoli--she didn't get that from me, fo-sho. At a recent family get-together, she chose cantaloupe over home-made ice cream (as did Hubby Nugget). Freaks.

This is a gratuitous sheep shot. One of the few photos I got from Staycation Day #1. It was pretty cute though, so I threw it in the mix for shits and grins.

I LOVE this shot of my Sister and Father-in-Law doing karaoke at my niece's birthday party earlier this summer. They were singing "Summer Nights" from Grease. AWESOME!

This is the Sweet Babygirl on Staycation Day #2, a corporate outing at the local farm team baseball game. We didn't watch much of the game (we're football folks, really) but they had this huge playground area for the kids, where we spent most of our time. Little Nugget had a blast, and didn't seem to mind when she got beaned by older (heathen) children (I wanted to take them out, but thought better of it). I was quite amused that there was a HUGE bar cart right next to the playground, bigger than any other beer/tasty beverage station in the stadium. Get your mojito's here!!! Hubby Nugget said it was the Parental Coping Station--he-he!!!

More pretty wildflowers from the vineyard, ahhhhh.

A peek at one of the baby grapes safely ensconced in its grow tube, away from the prying eyes of deer, rabbits, raccoons, possums, and all other woodland creatures that love to dine on baby grapevines.

Tiny Monkey frolicking in the 60' wildflower patch in our backyard--that's good stuff.

Little Nugget goofin' in our "green" grocery bag.

Weening her off the pacifier is not going to be easy.

Little Nugget sporting Daddy's glasses. I'm sure that she will need some of her own one day soon. Unfortunately Team Nugget has bad eyesight.

Staycation Day #3, Multi-State Viticulture Field Day! Total Geek-fest, and we loved it! This was taken in the vineyard of Baltimore Bend Winery in Waverly, MO. The whole day was awesome, and we learned quite a bit, enough to know that we'd like to continue in the grape adventure.

A glamour shot of the Norton/Cynthiana grapes at Baltimore Bend--I love the gnarliness of grapevines! They don't have their color yet, but they will grow up to fulfill their destiny as red wine. We have Nortons! Yea!
A final shot of obnoxious cuteness, the Little Nugget experimenting with dressing herself. I guess it's time for a Dressy Bessy! Man, she's a clothes horse too. I got this stuff on clearance for next season, and she's played with them all weekend! In her words, they're "pity!" (translates as "pretty"!) Oh what a sweet Babygirl!
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