Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nuggets Gone Wild, Day 3!

We got motivated on Day 3 to venture out of the forest, and made our way to the Denver Zoo. But on the way, signage to 1-70 was a tad confusing, and by happy accident, we ended up in Morrison, CO, at the Red Rocks Amphitheater. We had planned to make our way there anyway, so it was a nice pit stop on the way to the zoo:

Now we know that we will definitely have to go back and catch a concert there!

It was spectacular!

Once in Denver, we headed for the zoo, and found it without incident. Parking sucked, and of course we didn't bring the stroller, because there wasn't enough room in the car. Hubby Nugget bravely carried the "Little" Nugget for what seemed like miles to the zoo entrance, but once inside, we rented a wagon. Of course she wanted to walk. All in all, it was a good experience. We immediately had lunch to ensure continued success of the outing:

She enjoyed the Daddy time, and Hubby Nugget got to spend some good quality time with the Sweet Babygirl! (she's usually clinging to Mommy, so this was good for both of us! Win, Win!!)
She didn't enjoy the larger animals, was a bit scared actually, so we were happy to see the drums outside the primate area: Our little Monkey likes to drum, which she gets from Daddy (and Papa), of course!

Once in the tropical rain forest area, Little Nugget demonstrated why she's called "Monkey:"
She also made friends with a lizard who was oddly pressed against the glass right by her head:

It's a little hard to see in the tiny pic, so feel free to click on it to "supersize!" It was pretty funny!
There were some really cool critters there, I won't bore you with all the shots I got, but honestly, Little Nugget was only excited about the animals she recognized from her beloved "Wonder Pets" dvds. It took us awhile to catch on, but when she started to sing the WP theme song to the kangaroos, we got the picture and adjusted our animal choices accordingly. Well, mostly. We like the animals too. But yeah, it was pretty cute with her singing to the turtles: "Whas gun wuhrk? TEEAWUHRK!" (lyric translation: "What's going to work? Teamwork!" Be thankful you don't know ALL THE LYRICS BY HEART.)

So the day at the zoo concluded with the Sweet Babygirl turning into a pumpkin and going into tantrum/overstimulated/exhausted mode, and us having to walk a gazillion miles back to the car with her fussing all the way and us feeling frustrated, tired, and ready for a drink. Moral of the story: YOU NEED A STROLLER WHEN YOU TRAVEL, REGARDLESS OF HOW LITTLE SPACE YOU HAVE IN THE CAR!!!! Strap that some-bitch to the hood if you have to.

Lesson learned!

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