Monday, June 1, 2009

Nuggets on the Loose in Colorado, Day 2

Determined to get in some relaxation time, day two was spent around the cabin. We were a little tuckered due to the drive, and the altitude didn't really help much. So playing in the woods seemed to be the thing to do. After breakfast, we headed out! Oh yeah, Royal Ranch Judy made these FABULOUS breakfast burritos and choco chip muffins for us during our stay! To quote the Sweet Babygirl, "MMM...nummy and dee-wish-ous!!!"

We decided to tentatively check out the forest. I say tentatively because we were in the black bear's house, and it's not good form to diss your hosts, especially when they have large claws and big sharp teeth. Luckily, no bear sightings, really not many animal sightings at all...not sure if that's good or bad. But we know that critters were cruisin about at night, because they left poopy calling cards scattered around the general vicinity of the cabin. I'm not a poop expert, so not sure really what animals we're talking about, but that's also probably a good thing.

The other factor in our slow-paced journey was the air, or lack of it more specifically. Mad props to the crazy bastards we saw bicycling around the mountains. Geez. It took me a half day to be able to move around without getting dizzy. Oh and speaking of environmental differences, when we got to the cabin, we had to unscrew all the caps on toiletries, etc to keep them from exploding in our luggage. How cool is that! And the water we brought from home ended up being carbonated when we got there! Well, not carbonated, but I guess the oxygen something or other sciencey-blah-blah-blah. Yeah, I can't explain it, I understand it, but Hubby "Science Boy" Nugget is the person who should really explain that phenomenon. All I know is that our toothpaste doesn't plump up like a piping hot hotdog at home...

After playing in the woods, we came back and had a nap after lunch....ahhhh. We left the window open so we could hear the mountain stream bubbling in the background...ahhhh! Seriously, it couldn't have been more relaxing even if they provided on-call masseuses. Well, yeah a hot tub or hot mud bath would make it a tiny bit more relaxing, but really, you just can't get better than napping by a mountain stream. After we woke up, we goofed off, had a leisurely dinner, HN watched the NBA playoffs, and I read mindless fluffy fashion and jewelry design magazines, gloriously self-indulgent and something I rarely get to do...ahhhhh! Oh scratch that, something I rarely ALLOW myself to do. Little Nugget, who was also on vacation, got to climb all over the couch in squirmy-worm fashion while watching her beloved "YahPets" (Wonder Pets), without any admonishment from Mommy (unless it involved dangerous maneuvers, of course).

Ahhh, RElaxing!


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