Friday, September 18, 2009

Work Stuff, Part Deux

OK, this is the last time I go on about work stuff, I promise. Well, probably not, but anyway...

I walked into the meeting with my Pollyanna face on (read: game face). First question: Why do we need you? Ouchie! She plays hardball! Of course she was a bit uncomfortable asking it, hemmed and hawed a bit, so i knew it was coming, and yes, I was prepared. I have worked in the Snake Pit for 12 years, after all.

I enumerated the reasons for my Visual Resource essentialness and let's face it, world dominating goodness. She's a bit hard to budge once she makes up her mind, so it probably didn't matter to her WHAT i said, but I spoke my peace. Rock on.

My task if I should accept it, which I have, is to dismantle the collection of 35mm slides and have digitization "complete" in approximately 1.5 to 2 years from now. Will do. I say "complete" because apparently they will need no more images after that. Poor students, I feel sorry for them. Professors teaching the same lecture over and over for years and years and adding nothing new. Sigh...but digitize I am. Will I have a job after that? Eh, probably not, so I am basking in my Visual Resourcey-ness while I can. See, my dear reader(s), I really LOVE what I do. You don't find that often.

I remained upbeat during the whole meeting, which disturbed her. That pleased me. She finally asked me "You don't feel slighted by getting rid of the slides?" My response: "I'm excited! We're moving to the 21st century! It's progress!" I guess I was supposed to be sad to see the slides leave. Even though my job isn't about the slides, hasn't been for years. But hey, if you want to look at the small picture bosslady, that's your call. But I'm guessing some of the faculty might disagree. Yeah, I know, this is coming from higher up, whatevs.

But at least I got my server. Victory is mine!

hoping that the economy picks up soon...


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