Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pardon Me While I Go On About Work Stuff That Probably Means Nothing to You, Dear Readers...

You may or may not recall my blathering about The Big Project at work. Back story: I manage an image collection used for teaching art and art history classes at our local university. For many years, that meant using slides, but we are now increasingly becoming digital, against the odds of a small staff, budget, faculty enthusiasm, etc. Fast forward to now: almost all the faculty has embraced Tech, some more so than others. The Big Project has been converting our analog collection to digital, and it's been a task that has fallen solely on my shoulders.

And now, now there is a new chair. This is big people. She is technologically savvy. I cannot express the excitement I have about this. FINALLY, the big dream could become a reality. A searchable, on-line image collection. Ahhh. I'm feeling a little Pollyanna about it, but I think it could really happen this time. I know others have promised it, I have been there for 12 years after all, but there is a glimmer of hope in this cynical girl's eye. Oh yeah, they're forming a committee (jacking off gesture), but MAYBE THEY REALLY WANT TO DO SOMETHING THIS TIME!

A girl can dream...

All for now,

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