Sunday, August 30, 2009

Green Day!

Just some quick pics to post, I have many more to come!

A couple of weeks ago, Hubby Nugget and I took a "staycation" and headed on down to the Power and Light District in KC, MO for some much needed relaxation time, sans Little Nugget! It was quite nice, we booked a room at Hotel Phillips (featured in the latest Sasha Baron Cohen movie, Bruno) We haven't seen the movie yet, but have stayed at the hotel before, it is quite lovely! And even better, it's two blocks from P&L:

Strangely enough, HN and I, unaware of each other's intentions, BOTH bought new shoes that day just for said occasion! Freaky! Behold:

We dined on the tasty Prix Fix menu at Bristol Seafood Grill:

The interior was nice, and had a really cool glass case that served as a divider between the bar and dining area, as well as storing and displaying the tasty bottles of wine available for consumption:
After our yummy chocolate mousse, we headed on over to the Sprint Center for the centerpiece of the evening, the Green Day concert! Franz Ferdinand opened:

The show was really good, I kinda like FF, but sometimes get a little tired of them on the radio. Needless to say, we were both impressed! They had great energy and sounded tight, but raw enough to make it exciting! Good stuff!

During the intermission, we stopped by what may be a Dale Chihuly glass sculpture (I didn't check, but it was Chihuly or Chihuly-like) for a self portrait. Then we headed back! At which point I was admonished yet again by security to put up my camera. Singled out no less! "You in the ponytails! Keep that camera put up!" Sir Yess Sir! So after Green Day took the stage, I snapped this:
Seriously, Billy Joe Armstrong was THIS close! FOUR seats away! I HAD to get that picture!

That was really the only goodish picture I got, since I couldn't really mess with the settings to get a good shot. SUCH a good show. Ridiculously good show. Go see them if you can!
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