Saturday, October 10, 2009

Just Shoot Me Now...

That's how I felt today. Seriously. It was a craptastic suckfest. Twice a year my Dad's side of the family gets together. Aunts and uncles come in from all over the country. Big family, lots of food, lots of catching up.

Today, of all days, Little Nugget had one of those God-forsaken spirited kid meltdowns. Too many people. Too much noise. Too much attention. I so get it, I was that kid 40-some years ago. Sigh. Big families can be overwhelming.

So I spent our brief time there with her clawing her way up my torso, whimpering, crying, wailing to the point of almost choking. I got her calmed down a couple of times, but then something else would set her off, then she couldn't get herself calmed down again. Walks didn't help. Singing her theme song didn't help. Not even the Wonder Pets could help.

To make things better, I had one hell of a headache due to the impending arctic freeze heading our way.

We managed to eat lunch, but not much else. Soon after, it was clear that she just couldn't shake out of it. We left. I didn't even get to say goodbye. I was so upset I lost it before I made it to the car. Luckily Hubby Nugget got to do some visiting, but I didn't even get to talk to my cousins E or C, or my Uncle R!

Of course once we left she was fine.

I really don't have much to say about it other than it sucked. But I'm not going to let it keep us away from get-togethers. That wouldn't make any sense. So just a heads up! We'll be the ones in the corner with the screaming toddler! She'll grow out of it eventually!

It's all good.


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