Friday, October 16, 2009

Team Nugget's Anniversary Gift to You...

To our fellow diners last night, you are welcome.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the founding members of Team Nugget, myself and my Nugget! Four years! Woo-hoo! To celebrate, we planned a nice dinner out at Justus Drugstore, a Restaurant.

It promised to be a tasty evening of wonderful cuisine. Here is the blurb from the website:

"We believe real food raised with painstaking care by local small farm producers, prepared lovingly by skilled artisans served in an ambient beautiful space is an experience everyone should enjoy. If we can’t make it from scratch, we won’t serve it." --Justus Drugstore

Last night's menu included Striped Bass, Braised Pork, Roasted Chicken, Kobe Beef, and Rabbit, all locally raised. Mmm...(I don't even like rabbit and it sounded good!)

So we get there early to take advantage of the "window of opportunity" that is the Little Nugget's tolerance level for fine dining. That entailed lots of snacks and distracting yet quiet toys. It worked well with our dining experience in Denver last spring, so there you go.

Soon into the door we discover that this place isn't too kid friendly, no boosters, but hey, that's OK, it's a sophisticated vibe, and our girl is cool with it. I made some joke about duct tape, but I don't think the woman who seated us had kids, or she would have pissed herself with laughter.

They brought us menus and water, (Little Nugget immediately noticed the straw was absent, apparently she requires straws now, but this wasn't a straw place...she rolled with it though, good girl!) First off, the waiter patiently asked us what our meal plans were for the Little Nugget. Uh, raisins and rice cakes for appetizer, then what ever she'll eat off our plate? He allowed us a few moments with the menu (which as I mentioned had rabbit and stuff, and she realistically would prefer eating play-doh to that stuff, but we were trying really hard to make it work...).

Moments later, with all her snacks quickly disappearing at an alarming rate, our waiter came back over to discuss the menu and gently assert that entrees take some time (as indicated in above statement), all the while, someone was getting fidgettier by the second. Dude, I was getting nervous. None of the toys were working. Not even the stickers. I started having flashbacks to last weekend.

He gave us another "moment" but I noticed he was taking orders from all the other tables, even though they had came in after us. Normally I would have been a little put off, but I think he knew. And we knew. And he knew that we knew that he knew the Little Nugget was not going to make it though the dining service. And for that, we are grateful. And our fellow diners should be too. Because this could have turned out very unpleasant for EVERYone in that ambient space.

We packed it up, and they seemed relieved, and frankly, so were we. But now where to eat? Restaurant dining was out. So we headed over to our local grocery store and loaded up a rotisserie chicken, bottle of chilled champagne and a couple of salads from the salad bar, and snuggled on the couch at home!

It's all good!

All for now,


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