Thursday, October 8, 2009

No Threads Tying Any of this Together into a Unified Theme...

Just some more random thoughts that were too complicated for a tweet, but not substantial enough for a whole post.

Item number 1: This morning Little Nugget asked me to "Take off panties," (all signs point to impending potty training success!) and when I picked her up, I emerged covered in urine that squirted from her squishy pull-ups like an overripe tomato. Her reaction? "It's full." Indeed! Who knew LN would have such a dry sense of humor? Good stuff!

Item number 2: Not content to put away my gardening tools for winter, I decided to make a tiny little "greenhouse" out of my minuscule office window, which frankly gets more sunlight than any window at home. I found tiny little pots at Michaels and planted little sedum and scottish moss starts, so hopefully I will have a nice little group of plants for the garden next year. Pictures are forthcoming, of course. And it makes walking into the office a little happier in the morning.

Item number 3: (Totally hypothetical scenario and in no way represents any known person, fictional or real) Today at work the departmental pestical stopped by and stuck his head in my office, said he was going to make a run for coffee, and would I like him to pick me up something? I'm still stunned. And I fully expect that he's done something to jeopardize my job and is just covering his tracks by pretending to be nice. If this story was about a real person, I'd be SO on to him!

Item number 4: We cannot keep clothes on the Monkey. She's going though a semi-clothed phase. I hope she outgrows it before high school.

Item number 5: Yea! Hubby Nugget just got the heater to come on! Yea! Time to whip up celebratory Manhattans!

All for now,

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